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Don Ressler Proves to Be an E-commerce Guru

August 14, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Don Ressler is one of the co-founders behind the successful fashion subscription retailer, JustFab. He has channeled his expertise in business and ecommerce into creating a leading brand in the fashion market. As an avid entrepreneur, Ressler is responsible for the inception of numerous start-ups that have turned out successful in the long haul such as Intelligent Beauty.

Intermix Media acquired Don Ressler’s first start-up, FitnessHeaven, which triggered the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with Adam Goldenberg. They formed Alena Media, a performance advertising and e-commerce division that generated millions of profit for Intermix. Upon the acquisition of Intermix by News Corp in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg left to pursue new ventures.

The Birth of Intelligent Beauty
The strong conviction to excel in online performance advertising was the main driving force behind the creation of Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler and Goldenberg gathered several former colleagues of Alena Media, which was later followed by a brainstorming session to come up with the brand ideas. This yielded the birth of Intelligent Beauty.

Ventures Created by Intelligent Beauty

Dermstore and Sensa

The formation of Intelligent Beauty led to other businesses or companies such as Dermstore at, which is an online cosmetics as well as skincare marketplace. Later, the launching of Sensa, a weight-loss system, followed Dermstore. In 2008, Intelligent Beauty accepted financing from Technology Crossover Ventures worth $43 million.


JustFab serves as Intelligent Beauty’s third company, which it established in March 2010. Later in 2011, the online subscription retailer received $33 million in financing from the Matrix Partners. In 2012, JustFab received $76 million from various partners such as Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty as well as Rho Ventures. This helped the company to expand its global operations to the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

Upon recognizing that most of its customers were parents, JustFab made the decision to acquire FabKids, a fashion subscription service dedicated to children. This would be followed by other acquisitions such as the purchase of Fab Shoes in a bid to expand into France and Spain in May 2013.In August the same year, it went ahead to acquire ShoeDazzle, a rival shoe subscription retailer.

In an attempt to create an activewear line, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg called upon the Kate Hudson and together they formed Fabletics. Fabletics has become a leading brand in the growing fashion trend, athleisure. With such accomplishments, both partners have demonstrated a strong business relationship that has yielded business success and of cause profit.

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms Nourish And Protect All Year Round

August 13, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

There are tons of lip balms out there, but not every brand is a winner. Just because a lip balm smells good doesn’t mean a thing, because a balm must do more than carry a scent. That is why Evolution of Smooth, known as EOS, takes the simple lip balm to a whole new plateau and delivers on every beautiful detail.

First, let’s look at the science and structure of our lips. The fullness of your lips has little to do with how much sun they can withstand. All lips at every age need constant nourishment and protection from the elements, but especially out in the sun during those searing hot summer days.

Our lips lack protective oil glands, which means they dry out quicker than other parts of your face. Lips are also thinner in skin structure and are quite sensitive. If you enjoy soaking up the sun without lip balm protection, you’re taking a big chance. The skin care experts say to never go out with bare naked lips, or you risk developing skin cancer. Arm yourself with an excellent, organic lip balm like the line-up from Evolution of Smooth.

The proper lip balms contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients with a good dose of broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. They also feature great blends of Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter, formulas Evolution of Smooth have carefully created for the ultimate balm.

Even nicer is the unique shape of EOS lip balms. The sphere ball of buttery balm glides smoothly over your entire lips, delivering the nourishment and protection you’re looking for. Best of all, the flavors are impressive and long-lasting with choices like Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet []. EOS products are also available on

Evolution of Smooth lip balms maintain healthy, moist lips that are always kissable soft.

Visit EOS’ Linked In profile for more info about them. Also check out their Facebook page.


Class Dojo School Communication Revolution

August 8, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

An article in the 74 Million announced the inception of a revolutionary application being used in classrooms. Theis new concept is an application which tracks the day to day responses of children in public schools. ClassDojo is an innovative communication technique being used by 2/3 of the schools in America. It is an application that allows for communication between students, teachers, and parents. It is intended for the primary grades and the response by teachers has been overwhelming. It allows teachers to keep track of their students whenever they deserve a compliment or if they require further effort or better behavior for development.
There are a number of YouTube videos available which explain how the Class Dojo system works.
This is an educational concept that assists with work inside the classroom itself and allows for more communication between parents and their children in school, and if the parent signs up, they are able to have communication with the teacher. Although the concept calls for an Ipad or Iphone, it is hoped that students without such devices still have access to the program.
One of the added benefits of the Class Dojo system is that the parents can have access to how their students did during their class day. For example, positive behavior can be recorded by the system and conversely negative behavior can also be noted for the benefit of the parents. Now parents have another question to ask their children about their school day; how many positive or negative marks did they received today. Now instead of asking your child aimless questions about their day in school you can say, “What happened in math class, today?” In this case, you would know that your child received a positive or a negative mark, and your child having a reference point to think about would have to come up with an answer. The parents can now further reinforce the positive by praise or with ice cream. The student is proud of the achievement and praise and learns to like the system responsible for this interaction.
This Class Dojo system is the best news for public schools since the introduction of computers to the classroom. It is a complex system, which will make good students great and it can change bad students into more responsible and better students.
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Securus Technologies Inc. Plans to Issue Press Releases Exposing GTL’s Misconduct

August 5, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Securus Technologies Inc. continues to defend its integrity after Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release containing false statements about the civil & criminal justice technology provider. The company stated in a press release on June 7th, 2016 plans to issue press releases revealing facts, findings, and reports highlighting a breach of contract and wrongdoings by GTL. The wrongdoing release was the first of six press releases Securus plans to issue, which began in June and ends November. The purpose of the releases is to bring Global Tel Link to shame and bring the inmate communications provider to conviction. Securus is simply asking GTL to practice business with high integrity and in good faith to their customers.

In June’s release, Securus highlighted the following wrongdoing issues the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) accused GTL of committing: programming clocks to add 15 to 36 seconds to each call; unauthorized rate increases; inflating charges; multiple billings of the same call; overcharging consumers; and overcharging consumers over $1.2 million. PSC issued the order in 1998, but Securus believes GTL continues to practice unethical and unfairly treat their customers. Chief Executive Officer, Richard Smith accepts PSC’s findings based upon facts and reports from customers that GTL conduct included unauthorized, unlawful and unethical practices.

Dallas-based civil and criminal justice technology provider, Securus Technologies has a history dating back to 1986, when Tele-Matic Corporation changed its name T-Netix. Throughout the years, after numerous acquisitions, Securus Technologies Inc. was established after the merger of T-Netix and Evercom Systems, in 2004. Securus owns 140 patents and have approximately 90 patents pending. Some of the statements contained in a press release issued by GTE involved inaccurate information concerning Securus’s pending patents. Securus proves our commitment to bring quality and trustworthy products and services to consumers and law enforcement facilities, with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Brad Reifler’s Forefront Capital Can Help You Diversify

July 27, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Brad Reifler, the President and founder of Forefront Capital, knows a thing or two about the investment community. Thanks to his decades of work with investing he has laid out a very real path to success that most people can follow. However, the majority of investors, the 99% if you will, believe that investing is not something that can work for them. Instead, thanks to SEC regulations the ‘99%ers’ are typically left behind in the dust. Reifler decided to implement his new company, Forefront Income Trust, to try and help close the gap.

The SEC, or Security Exchange Commissions, has always made its priority top tier investors. These investors take on the form of the ‘accredited investor’ title which means that they have more than $200,000 per year or have a net worth exceeding one million dollars. Reifler explains that he doesn’t want to focus on those individuals, “I’m now shifting everything to the non accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for them.”

The goal of Forefront Income Trust is to help the ‘small time investor’ turn their modest savings into a reasonable amount of money on a timeline that makes sense and can actually help their lives. Reifler says that 41% of middle class families have less than $6,000 in their savings account. That number needs to grow and it can only grow if the investment world is less risky for these investors. Reifler admits that the investment world looks down upon this tier of investor and states that it is unequivocally wrong to do so. He believes that even the 99% of investors can make some modest money with the right guidance at hand.  All of this is covered on Brad’s profile.

Reifler has a host of advice for potential investors and those that choose to work with Forefront Income Trust will be given all of this advice. The basis of what is being offered is simple: if you can meet the $2,500 minimum investment then you will be put into the program that Reifler has fine tuned. No investment is without risk but Reifler is staking his reputation on supplying something better than what anyone else can offer.  If you need to know how qualified Brad really is, just check out his LinkedIn profile.

Lovaganza Finds Meaning in Cultures of The World

July 20, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

There is this wrong notion that some cultures are superior to others. This is especially misled by civilization where the Western culture, are considered to be having the coolest culture. Then there is ethnocentrism, where some people consider their culture to be superior to others. This is where Lovaganza comes in.

Lovaganza’s mission is to bring out the best in every nation’s culture as expressed by music, dance, language, attire and way of life. The company showcases every region of the world’s culture and effectively helps in promoting it to the rest of the world. This way, no culture gets washed away, and the world becomes a better place with diverse cultures. Noble, right?

In June 2015, Lovaganza ran a huge worldwide event just so that people can celebrate the world of tomorrow as well as a future filled with hope. The event was built upon the idea of unity, peace, and abundance.

The company is already inviting subscriptions for a major event due for May to September 2020. In the event, the sole agenda will be to celebrate the cultures of the world. It looks to bring to one platform all the cultures from different parts of the world presented in a spectacular ‘Immerscope’.

Another way by which Lovaganza celebrates the uniqueness of all regions of the world is by filming inspiring documentaries. The company has a film production crew who take over a city of interest capturing every single aspect of its culture and as a ripple effect promotes the city as a tourist attraction.

Lovaganza, the for-profit organization, appears to be all about a social course. The entertainment franchise, however, does not stop there. It is on course to set up a non-profit organization -the Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation’s mandate is to bring a universal quality of life for all of the humanity. This, they believe can be achieved by the organization mobilizing like-minded foundations and organizations around the world.

The founders of Lovaganza, J.F. Gagnon, and Genevieve Gagnon dreams of delivering on a universal quality of life for every child by 2035. This has been set forth as the first milestone for the foundation. A series of cascades have been set in place including organizing for events.

The foundation is currently fully being bankrolled by the Lovaganza’s for-profit entertainment projects. It hasn’t yet started receiving funds from well-wishers, at least not before it is fully registered.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

May The Government Of Venezuela Be Altered?

July 15, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

The government of Venezuela is in dire of need of assistance with strife hitting their country. People are hungry, commerce is leaving the country and the government is struggling to stop a complete meltdown. Citizens of the nation wish to have a much more representative government in control of their affairs, and citizens such as Jose Manuel Gonzalez are calling quite loudly for a change. This article explains how Jose wants to help alter his own country’s government.

#1: Why Is Change Even Necessary?

Change is more than necessary in Venezuela as businesses from around the world pull out or cease their operations. There will come a time when the only businesses open are those operated by Jose and his comrades. The business experience that exists in the population may be quite helpful to the government, and the government will quickly begin to alter its operations with some assistance.

#2: How Deep Is The Financial Rift?

The financial rift in Venezuela is quite deep, and the rift will continue to remain as long as the current regime is allowed to stay in power. Jose wishes to see the government change before a collapse takes a hold of the nation. He may not be able to keep his own business open, and a complete reclamation project may be needed to save the nation from calamity.

#3: How Long Will Change Take To Implement?

Change in Venezuela may not be forced down the throats of the people. Jose believes that he must be moderate in the change he wishes for, and he wishes to speak with those in power rather than railroad them out of office. The country does not benefit from attacking itself, and Jose is not one to use his influence to upend another man or woman.

Venezuela is on the verge of collapse, but it is possible that Jose may make changes. He wishes to become a new man in the halls of power, and he will do anything needed to impact his country. The loss of commerce is concerning to Jose, and the struggle of the people is real in his eyes.

Danilo Diaz Granados Proves His Entrepreneurial Might At Movilway And Beyond

July 14, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

The name Danilo Diaz Granados is one that businesspersons around the world have likely heard in the past, but they may not understand the impact that Danilo has on their lives. He is in management with the firm, and he is one of the faces behind the systems created at Movilway. His own entrepreneurial spirit drives Movilway into the future, and he is quite popular in Florida and South America. This article explores how Danilo approaches the business world in a new and interesting manner.

#1: Why Is Movilway So Important?

Movilway is a vitally-important part of the business community in that Danilo and his staff offer mobile payment supplies that other companies simply will not. Movilway is supplying the future of commerce with the items that are needed for salesmen who are moving consistently, and a seller who has chosen to go on the road may use these products provided by Danilo and his staff. Danilo stands behind his products, and he helps his staff improve their work.

#2: How Does Movilway Operate?

Movilway is operated by Danilo in a manner that is similar to other mobile payment companies. Their services are offered through mobile devices that transmit secure signals to credit card companies. Credit cards may be swiped at the leisure of the client, and the client will receive a receipt through the Movilway programming. Danilo has ensured that Movilway offers the best end-customer experience through mobile communication, and the mobile communication services provide customers with information about their purchases that they may use in the future.

#3: Why Is Danilo Such A Smart Man?

Danilo has chosen to create a service that anyone may use at any time, and he is a very strong leader who is hands-on in all that he does. His staff is never left to contemplate what they must do next, and his plans for the future of Movilway are strong in all respects.

Movilway and Danilo are a strong team that make business simple for clients. Clients may ensure proper care when using the mobile devices that were devised with the help of Danilo and his staff.  As CrunchBase shows, Danilo is a diverse investor, and has a ton of different projects under his belt.  With Movilway, and the ever expanding Toys for Boys, he’s really ready to move into the stratosphere.  Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and Twitter, for more on the story.

Securus Technologies Exposes GTL Faulty Actions

July 6, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Securus America Technologies has taken action by releasing a PR Newswire published report highlighting wrongdoings and integrity breaches associated with Global Tel Link. Securus is one of the leading providers of both criminal justice and civil technology solutions. Securus boasts an A+ accreditation from the BBB or Better Business Bureau. This company focuses on public safety by investigating, correcting and monitoring operations with an aim to pinpoint all faulty actions. Global Tel Link which is a company that provides inmate communications service has been found to exploit the rights of inmates by associating itself with integrity breaches. According to Secures Technologies, GTL is taking advantage of customers by providing unsatisfactory services below the integrity bar. Here are some of the wrongdoings of GTL as highlighted by Securus Technologies.

Review of Systematic and Potential Wrongdoings of GTL

GTL has been serving the Louisiana Department for a quite long period of time by providing outbound telecom services to over thousand inmates. However, the actions of GTL were investigated and the following was found out. It was noted that the clocks used in telephones were programmed to add to either 15 or 36 seconds thus increasing the duration of every single call.The telephones were also set to charge highly not basing on tariffs and PSC rate thus each call was being overcharged. Various amounts of cash were charged for calls after calls and this is regarded as unlawful. In addition to this, all these unlawful practices were done deliberately to overcharge customers at the benefit of Global Tel Link.

These actions were exposed by Securus technologies in order to protect the industry. Customers are very important in the correctional market and so they should be treated with high levels of integrity. GTL actions have raised attention because this is seen as playing tricks to customers as well as scamming them. Securus Technologies has played a very critical role in this area and should be acknowledged for its fast action.

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Fashion Style, Individuality and Athletic Clothing

June 17, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Style is about individuality. This is one of the reasons that there are a wide variety of clothing that each individual could choose from. This allows people to put together their own styles. There are many categories of clothing to choose from. However, one category has been known to be very limited in the styles that it offers. Kate Hudson, being a stylish celebrity has seen the limit in this category which is known as the athletic category. She has then worked to set up a fashion line to allow people to be able to express themselves with athletic clothing. This line is called Fabletics. This also brought forth a unique style of clothing called athleisure. Source:

Fabletics is one of the subdivisions of JustFab that offers a lot of unique pieces of clothing for all types of categories. This allows women to explore their own style. With Fabletics, women now have access to athletic clothing that fit well and looks well for them. When they wear more stylish athletic clothing, they will feel more confident and they will put more energy into their workout. Kate Hudson has found a way to present an opportunity for people to explore their own style with Fabletics.

Kate Hudson has made a huge name for herself in the fashion industry. She has gained the attention of many interviewers because of Fabletics that want to hear more of her insights and inspirations behind fashion. She has gone on interviews that have been published on Marie Claire and other sources. She continues to come up with new ways for people to feel better about themselves. Fashion is something that is surprisingly powerful when it comes to one’s own self image. People who put together a unique style will find that they feel a lot better about themselves because of the creativity that they have put towards their own image.