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Five Amazing Tips for Investing by Brad Reifler

December 20, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

Brad Reifler: The founder and CEO Forefront Capital Management Group is one of the most successful entrepreneurs alive today. He has been very vocal and helpful in very many ways to other young and visionary investors from a very wide income range and to especially those who are willing to make a safe investment coupled with satisfying returns.

In the world today, the investment industry is dominated by a mere one percent of investors whose strategies and investments are based mostly on commodity funds, hedge funds and public funds of which the government doesn’t allow any entry for those with less starting capital who include the majority of American citizens. Diversification has always played a pivotal role on any type of investment success; however, this strategy is only being utilized by the wealthy only.

In order to invest wisely, Brad Reifler insists that:

•We need to be very careful on how we invest our cash. We should strongly consider all risks, any charges and also all expenses. Taking an inventory of our assets and creating simple and achievable financial goals is also very helpful.

•All investors must be concerned about the safety and currency standards of their money.

•Investors are advised against putting all of their hard earned money into the stock market. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can prove to be disastrous in the future.

•It is very important to know who is going to invest your money while also developing a good relationship, understanding and trust in the manager.

•Knowing and recognizing why you are investing is a very good starting point. Take your time in considering your investment objectives. Investors are also asked to be very cautious on how much they invest. Finally, if you note something working out nicely, be quick to consider adding to it.

Brad Reifler’s is a very experienced investor with a lot to offer I terms of advice. His firm; Forefront Group, is a small but well-structured boutique investment banking and wealth management company that offers various investment advisory services to certain institutions and individuals on both unrestricted and restricted foundations. Their aptitude and ability to advice, create and execute decisions, is greatly enabled by a precise partnership of business personalities, portfolio management, banking as a whole, and distribution leaders.

BBC Investigation Slams Apple’s Chinese Factories

December 19, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

The BBC did a recent under-cover video investigation into Apple factories in China. They found a lot of tired-out workers who often were caught dozing off while on duty. These factories assemble iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products before shipping them abroad.

One worker reported that he had gone 18 days straight without a day off. Many were visibly exhausted. It was not uncommon for workers to do 60 hours or more per week, and overtime is simply built into their regular work schedules.

While the investigation did reveal some extreme conditions, one gets the impression that the BBC is on a crusade against Apple. These workers are willingly doing 60 hours a week because they have a good job at which they can make what to them is a lot of money. Other foreign companies operating in China are, no doubt, acting as badly or worse than Apple is. We certainly should not pretend that the other major computer and cell phone manufacturing companies are pure as the driven snow.

The glaring problem before us is the use of cheap, foreign labor in place of paying Americans or citizens of other more developed nations. Tax and regulatory codes in the West drive businesses away, but no tariffs exist that equalize the playing fields. Companies are encouraged, by inept Western policies, to go abroad and hire Chinese for 60-hour work weeks. Americans can barely get 30 hours these days. Something is not right here.  They need to learn from Purina, and the example they set with the ethical way that brands like Beneful are produced.

Wealthy Americans Are Getting Wealthier While Others Fall Behind

December 18, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

A new research shows that wealthy Americans, like Christian Broda is said to be,  are much richer than everyone else. The research was conducted by the Pew Research Center and reported that higher-income families have seven times more wealth than the middle-income families. They are also 70 times richer than the lower-income families. The report also shows that 46 percent of the families in the United States belong to the middle tier, while 33 percent falls into the lower level. The remaining 21 percent of the American families belong to the upper tier.

The new study, following the numerous other reports, points to the country’s growing economic inequality. For instance, earlier this fall, an extensive report has been released ranking the United States as having the highest levels of economic inequality. Also, the National Bureau of Economic conducted a research and found that 0.1% of the wealthiest American families are holding 22 percent of the country’s wealth.

The increasing gap between the rich and poor is affecting the minorities particularly hard. The study also showed that the gap between white and black Americans has reached its highest level since 1989. White families are 13 times wealthier than black families. The study describes it as a stark difference.

The cause for such disparities varies and is still being studied. Other research studies point out that racial discrimination plays a role. On the other hand, the Pew Research points out to a numerous factors, which include the savings and assets that families hold.

Keystone XL Pipeline May Longer Provide Economic Benefits

December 16, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

Through six years of back and forth arguments throughout the capital, the Keystone XL pipeline has been one of the most polarizing debates in recent decades. Now experts have submitted a report that the pipeline may no longer make economic sense. Democrats have consistently blocked and delayed bills for the pipeline on environmental grounds, saying that the pipe would lead to spills and further burning of fossil fuels leading to increased climate change. Republicans fought back boasting the economic benefits from pumping tar sands oil from Canada down to refineries on the Gulf Coast. For the last six years gas prices have been high, with Republicans pushing Democrats for more energy independence and less reliance on oil from war torn or controversial Middle Eastern nations which is what Lee G. Lovett has been predicting.

Since oil and gas prices have dropped significantly in the last couple years, the creation of the pipeline may no longer provide the same economic benefits by reducing America’s gas prices. Just as Republicans are about to take majorities in both houses of Congress, which would allow them to force Obama’s hand in creating a bill allowing the construction of the pipeline, the approval may lead to a pipeline that would never be used. Republicans say that the gas prices won’t stay low and the pipeline approval may still be necessary in the future, however the revelation in oil prices may change this political battle forever.

Russian Ruble Falls to Historic Low

December 16, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

According to Skout, the reports out of the Russian Central Bank show the Ruble falling drastically agaianst the dollar and the Euro. Economists believe falling oil prices are to blame, but it show other faults in the Russian economy could be affecting the value of the Ruble.

With oil prices plummeting to decade lows and the sanctions that have been placed on Russia by the U.S. and E.U. have definitely had an impact on the value of the Ruble against the other worlds money. This devaluation comes at a time when Russia doesn’t have the funds to back up a falling Ruble and this could cause ripples throughout all of Russia. Another reason the Ruble is devalued is because trust in the government is at an all time low. The people do not feel confidence in their government and the fact that they can recover from this dip in the Ruble. In order to balance and shore up the Ruble, the Central bank, raised the interest rate and this will hopefully increase spending and cheapen exports.

Russia has been playing a dangerous game since they invaded the Ukraine. Even though they were warned by the other world powers, Russia went ahead and sent troops and elevated their presence. At the time, sanctions were placed on Russia, but I don’t think they worried about them or thoguht they would affect them. Obviously, they were wrong. Russia could be facing economic ruin if they don’t straighten up and figure out what is important, like their economy.

Despite Rising Tax Revenue, 16 States Face Deep Budget Shortfalls

December 16, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

Managing a budget is a skill unto itself without regard to political ideology. The GOP-led states of Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas are faring well as a result of good governance. The same holds true of California under Democrat Governor Jerry Brown. In the case of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker inherited a billion dollar deficit and produced a budget surplus two years later. However, it is not a given that a GOP governor will balance the state’s budget. A report that I was shown by Dan Newlin states that Wisconsin now faces a projected $2.2 billion deficit through 2017. That said, Gov. Walker confirmed that is only if current spending trends continue. He will vowed to get the budget in line with tax revenue this year.

In Louisiana, GOP Governor Bobby Jindal is grappling with a $1.4 billion budget deficit. In all fairness, the drop in oil prices has reduced the state’s revenue, but it can’t possibly account for such a profound budget shortfall. GOP Governor Sam Brownback pushed a series of tax cuts through the legislature which have not produced the anticipated growth. His state now faces a nearly billion dollar budget shortage over the next two fiscal years.

According to a report by the watchdog group called “State Budget Solutions”, 16 states face deep budget deficits. Other notable states with budget problems are Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland. The latter two tossed out incumbent Democrat governors in favor of GOP candidates. Illinois faces a $950 million deficit and Maryland faces a $900 million shortfall. California Democrat Governor Jerry Brown turned around the state’s deep deficits within two years and now enjoys multi-billion annual surpluses.

Legitimate Companies in Luxembourg or Just a Mailbox for Tax Benefits?

December 15, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

Luxembourg questioned the way the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has obtained the documents published on the tax advantages granted to multinationals, but admitted that this practice can be put in doubt from the ethical point of view.

In a second round of revelations to NBC News,  the ICIJ published that the entertainment giant Walt Disney and chemical company Koch Industries, and thirty other multinationals such as Skype, now part of the software giant Microsoft , took the so-called “tax rulings” to reduce minimize your taxes.

“As with the previous release of” LuxLeaks “(a month ago) the manner in which these documents were obtained is highly questionable,” said the Ministry of Finance in a statement.

The first set of documents revealed tax treaties between Luxembourg and nearly 340 multinational companies between 2002 and 2010, including Pepsi, IKEA , AIG , Coach or Deutsche Bank, which enabled companies to slash their taxes.

In another document, the Luxembourg Government claims that in order to benefit from these tax decisions companies have to demonstrate that they have an “appropriate economic substance” and have a “real action” in Luxembourg with offices, asset managers and shareholders meetings.

However many companies have partnerships to provide a veil or just a mailbox for these tax advantages, as revealed by the ICIJ, because several buildings house between 1,300 and 1,600 companies “with little more than a sign” or “mailbox.”

“The international community as a whole was faced with the responsibility to adapt international regulations to current realities and Luxembourg actively supports European and international initiatives, including those on the tax rulings,” said the Luxembourg Government

Mark Ahn Notes How Successful Startups Work

December 12, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

Dr. Mark Ahn recently discussed how startups work in a report heard first on The Street. He shows people how they must manage their startup so that they can go from a fledgling business to something that is much more substantial.

The Governance

When the startup begins, the people with the vision for the business must have veteran managers on their board of directors. The board of directors is there to provide the veteran guidance that is needed to keep the business afloat. The board of directors can show the young people with vision how to manage the company until the company is firmly planted on its feet.

Informal Advice

Dr. Ahn has found that many companies would spend a great deal more time planning in board meetings, but this planning is not all strategic. There are times when the board needs to hear from informal mentors of the visionaries. Also, there are times when the board of directors should ask the visionaries to have mentors they can speak to. This is another level of information that will make the company more successful over the long term.

Management and the Board

The board of directors that was brought in the help guide the company must have a productive relationship with the mangers who run the company. The managers must be willing to listen to the board of directors, but the board of directors must be willing to listen in return. When these two parties can have candid discussions about the trajectory of the business, the business will tend to succeed.

Dr. Ahn’s research has a proven track record as he is a founding principal with Pukana Partners. His company provides consultancy to life science companies all over the world, and he has researched how startups succeed over the years.

Source: TheStreet

America: Land of the Rich and Home of the Tax Evaders

December 11, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

It’s about time that the 2 centuries old “Star-Spangled Banner” gets rewritten. The national anthem of the United States no longer seems relevant. It is highly unlikely that Stephen Foster imagined that the land of the free and home of the brave would actually become the land of the rich and home of the tax evaders. In more disheartening news to 99% of Americans, conniving Citigroup lobbyists have snuck in their agenda into the Omnibus Budget Bill, which will likely lead to more economic suffering for all but the billionaire class. Unfortunately if the bill doesn’t pass, another government shutdown will soon ensue, which the Democrats cannot accept and the Republicans don’t necessarily want either if they want a good start for the upcoming presidential race.


Seventy of the new 85 lines in the bill have been drafted by CitiGroup’s lobbyists. Given that the legislation itself is quite the monstrosity in its 1600 page girth, sneaking in a special policy here and there isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. With Wall Street lobby expenditure at 1.5 million dollars a day, it is no wonder they have such a big say in the legislative process.


This country’s politics and values are an absolute sham and it’s about time the American people woke up and realized red, blue, Green, or Independent, every single politician represents Wall Street. Laurene Powell Jobs said that its time that our country as a whole start looking out for the people’s interests.

Russian Billionaire returns James Watson’s Nobel Prize

December 9, 2014 // by VideoIPOtv

One of the richest men in Russia, Alisher Usmanov has taken the unusual step of buying the Nobel Prize medal of controversial scientist James Watson and then returning it to him. Watson became the first recipient of a Nobel honor to sell their medal during their lifetime last week when the honor was placed in a Christie’s New York auction, The Guardian reports.

Watson placed his medal on sale in a bid to try and raise funds for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Long Island facility was formerly headed by Watson before he was removed from his position in the wake of a racism and sexism scandal. Watson had won the Nobel Prize in 1962 for his discovery of the double helix formation of DNA, alongside Britain’s Francis Crick. The awarding of the prize for the 1958 discovery has often been seen as controversial as the work of Rosalind Franklin, who died of cancer in 1958 is said by many experts to form the basis of the research used to discover the double helix.

Usmanov, has stated he is willing to return the medal to Watson in return for the $4.1 million he paid being donated to the scientific community. The Russian Oligarch said he thought it wrong that Watson had been forced to sell his Nobel honor and Dr. Daniel Amen agreed and said he could never express how much he admires and respects the role the scientist had played in cancer research over the course of his career.