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Amazing Works of Jeanmarie Guenot Throughout Her Career

February 22, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv


Jeanmarie Guenot has a wealth of experience in the biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Being a graduate from the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her Ph.D. and Master’s in business administration respectively, it is evident that she is well versed with knowledge and skills in business and pharmaceuticals.

She has served various companies both private and public, in pharmaceutical R&D, business development, venture capital, project and alliance management as well as corporate and commercial management. She has significant interest and expertise in rebuilding and building firms, and she is presently the chief executive officer and president of the prominent Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This company develops innovative and high quality bifunctional antibody therapies meant for hematologic malignancies.



Her Career



Before embarking to her current role, Jeanmarie Guenot established SKA Ocular, a company she built and ran by herself. This firm was a startup ophthalmic firm incubator that specialized in therapeutics for ocular inflammation, macular degeneration and glaucoma as well as dry AMD among others. She was also a business advisor for the well-known Hoffman La Roche located in Shanghai and Basel. Being a committed individual, she also served as the vice-president at PDL Biopharma. Here her main area of focus was in licensing, commercial product portfolios, mergers and acquisitions and alliance management for R$D.



She began her lifelong career in business at Atlas Ventures. Here she was able to build life science firms and manage venture capital investments. She also started her scientific career in preclinical R$ D as a principal scientist. She was very instrumental since she discovered and developed various drugs for inflammation, metabolic diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases. She trained in medicinal and physical chemistry, with a main focus in semi-practical and quantum mechanical methods for protein structure prediction, molecular dynamics, drug design and NMR and X-ray refinement.



About Amphivena



This company is located in San Francisco, California. Under the leadership of Dr. Guenot, Amphivena managed to raise $14miliion in 2013 in a series A contribution led by the prominent MPM Capital Amphivena. Furthermore, the firm entered an important agreement with Janssen Biotech. This agreement granted Janssen an exclusive right to acquire Amphivena following the IND approval.

Brad Reifler Champion Of The Common Investor

February 21, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Brad Reifler has been a successful entrepreneur and investor for the past 30 years and has created phenomenal return for those who trusted in his expertise. In 2014, Brad and his expert team at Forefront Capital started the Forefront Income Trust. Knowing intimately the danger and difficulties of the financial markets, Brad offers his expertise to the 99% of the population below the income and net worth requirements and the opportunity for them to become successful investors.

After completing college with a degree in both Economics and Political Science, Brad founded his own corporation in 1982, The Reifler Trading Corp, which was bought by Refco Inc in 2000, after it created hundreds of millions of dollars and evolved into one of the largest independent futures operations. He next founded Pali Capital in 1995, where he created differentiated strategies by combining research with credit analysis and derivative structure to offer articulated packaged strategies that yield commission income in excess of $1 billion for his 300 employees. He became globally trusted and had offices on four continents. His skill, experience and expertise were of great value to Forefront Capital, LLC where he is founder and CEO. His ability to attract investment advisers, business leaders and top investment bankers resulted into a successful firm made up of a unique community with a web of relationships, including those with Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

More about Reifler here:

Despite his career success in the financial industry, Brad, himself, suffered a loss from a 529 college saving plan he started for his two daughters. When his father in law gave him his life saving to invest, Brad only found limited opportunities for middle class investors. Through Forefront Income Trust, with as little as $1000, the common man has the opportunity to receive compound returns from better investments and substantial growth. He works to educate the lower and middle classes to help push them in the right direction and plan for their future. Those who can afford the risk may find that Brad Reifler is the right man to lead them to financial security.

Anthony Petrello: CEO, President And Chairman Of Nabors Industries

February 21, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Newark, New Jersey native Anthony Petrello is the president and CEO of the gas and oil drilling contractor Nabors industries.

The Houston, Texas headquartered company is the largest of the land based drilling companies. Petrello was hired by Nabors Industries in 1991 as director, president and CEO. Prior to that he had spent a number of years with Baker & McKenzie, a New York law firm that handled the interests of Nabors and numerous other companies. At Nabors Petrello was promoted to deputy chairman in 2003 and became chairman of the board in 2012.

People who knew Anthony Petrello in high school were not surprised by his success. As a teenager he had been a math whiz that spent his time solving the most challenging math problems. His intelligence led to him being given a full academic scholarship to Yale where he studied under noted mathematician Professor Serge Lang before graduating with a B.S. and an M.S. in mathematics. Petrello then attended Harvard Law School where he earned his juris doctor. His childhood friends were surprised when he chose law over a career in mathematics. But everyone knew he was brilliant and his work at Nabors has confirmed it.

Petrello’s work at Nabors enables the company to continue on its upward trajectory. His strategic planning initiatives, operations work and visionary direction allows the company to flourish even in the face of growing competition. His work has also earned him numerous accolades and awards. The company was so impressed with the job he has done, in 2015 they paid him over $68 million, making him the highest paid chief executive. Petrello also is the director of both Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC and provides them with superior leadership.

But Anthony Petrello is more than just a talented, knowledgeable, capable chief executive, he’s also a generous philanthropist. He has donated over $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to help them build and equip a world-class neurological research center. And he has continued to be closely allied with the hospital. Petrello is now the president of Texas Children’s Hospital, Incorporated.

Doug Levitt/ Through the Eyes of an Artist.

February 20, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Doug Levitt is an activist, singer-songwriter and a writer who was born in 1972 in Washington D.C. He is the youngest child of parents David Schwartz and Carol Schwartz a City Council member and mayoral candidate. Levitt is notably known for his project entitled The Greyhound Diaries. The Greyhound diaries was a project conceptualized by Mr. Doug Levitt and has lasted for over 12 years.


Traveling over 100,000 miles on the greyhound, levitt has been able to collect fascinating and riveting photos, and stories that capture his journey. Out of the experience Levitt also has been able to create two records, published writings and a one man show out of his travels. Doug Levitt has been featured on a variety of networks discussing his travels and various endeavors.


These include MSNBC, CNN and Fox News as well as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Billboard. Prior to deciding to dive into the Greyhound Diaries Project Levitt was a foreign correspondent. Working as a foreign correspondent levitt would broadcast from different places such as Iran, Bosnia, and Rwanda although he was based in London. He later would give up his career as a correspondent to pursue becoming a singer songwriter.


Doug Levitt attended Cornell University and the London School of Economics where he received his masters in International Relations. He later relocated to Nashville and began working with producer David Henry, which would become a long time collaboration resulting in The Greyhound Diaries. A collection of over 20,000 photos many of which are of individuals that he has come in contact with along the way.


His photos capture a haunting depiction of the plight of the often forgotten people around the country. He has shared his creative genius with the public often performing at various homeless shelters across the U.S. He also performs his artistic works at places like the University of Southern California, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Kenedy Center, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Doug Levitt is an artistic visionary that continues to leave his footprint in the very soil of our country documenting the struggles and giving a voice to the impoverished and often forgotten members of our society.

How EOS Lip Balms Became So Popular

February 17, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Just about 7 years ago EOS released their iconic egg-shaped lip balm and suddenly celebrities and individuals all over the world were seen using the bright colorful lip products. Although lip balms have been around for hundreds of years EOS certainly revolutionized the lip product. Not only did they offer a fun new product design but they also offered a large variety of fun and interesting flavors. Continue reading to learn more about the EOS lip balm history as well as some of the many unique flavors and products they have to offer.

EOS which stands for Evolution Of Smooth,, is a very popular lip balm company that was created by Sanjiv Mehra and his two start up business associates Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. All three co founders have worked for huge companies such as PepsiCo and Unilever in the past. When the three came together they went on a mission to create a new and innovative product on the beauty market.

Throughout years of research they stumbled upon the lip balm industry. Each co-founder felt the industry was lacking in distinguishable and unique lip balm products. Up until this point most lip balm companies offered the same packaging as well as the same flavors and design. Sanjiv and his co-founders wanted to offer a new and interesting way to apply lip balm and so the brand EOS lip balm was born.

EOS offers some of the most unique and innovative packaging. The egg-shaped design not only makes it easy and convenient to apply but it also makes it a fun and interesting product. The lip balms are available on Amazon in a variety of bright fun colors including yellow, orange and even mint green. One of the most unique things about EOS is there interesting and unique flavors.

EOS lip balms come in a large variety of cool flavors. Some of the top flavors include Blackberry nectar, vanilla mint, summer fruit, strawberry sorbet and even pomegranate raspberry. Some of the more unique flavors include medicated Tangerine, blueberry acai, and honeysuckle honeydew. These unique flavors as well as the unique design is what brought EOS to the popularity it is today. Millions and millions of women and even men all over the world love EOS lip balm products. They also offer a variety of other products including hand lotion and body lotion.

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Banking With John Holt

February 10, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

The Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was a huge success in New Orleans. It took place on November 7, 2016. One of the panel members that was in attendance was John Holt. John Holt is a leader in the banking industry, and he heads the company, NetBank.

The panel talked about issues regarding “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. They were impressed with John Holt’s input, and they appreciated his experience in the field, and how he presented what he wanted to say. The conversations were interesting and in depth. With the variety of issues that were discussed, it was a positive event for all that were present.

At NetBank, John Holt is the CEO and the President of the company. He is the leader of a great group of workers that are experienced at what they do. They have extensive list of clients that are always interested in what they can do for them because they produce fantastic results.

In the future, the company looks to increase their client bases, which includes corporations based all over the nation. With their mortgage, commercial banking and institutional services, they are sure that they will keep their lead in their industry. They look forward to a great future.

Turn Heads With WEN By Chaz And Experience The No Lather Shampoo Benefits

February 8, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

If you’re like most women, you abuse your hair on a daily basis. Maybe you color, bleach, straighten, perm or blow-dry the heck out of your tresses, etc.

You’re not alone, because we all want the perfect head of hair, and if that means forcing our mane to behave a certain way, we are guilty as charged.

Regular trips to the salon for a healthy trim are essential, but so is something else. We’re talking about hair care, which includes washing, conditioning and the like.

Maybe you use whatever trendy shampoos and conditioners hit store shelves, but you rarely check the ingredients on the bottle. Who cares, you figure, but in reality, these formulas matter.

WEN  hair is the no lather shampoo alternative that women around the world have come to love. You can be assured that each formula is made with healthy fruit and herbal extracts, designed to re-build structure, sheen and moisture into strands.

Famous Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean,, invented the no lather shampoo system and never includes nasty chemicals that can weaken the hair shaft. You don’t have to worry about suspect ingredients, because WEN cleanses hair without lather or harsh sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate.

It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight locks or even difficult and damaged hair. WEN By Chaz delivers results that are noticeable after the first wash, and his hair care line is ideal for every hair type and texture. He even sells a WEN Kids line with a gentle no lather shampoo concept.

The beauty in WEN’s special cleansing conditioners comes in its one-bottle versatility. If you think about it, WEN is smart and economical. WEN features a five-in-one formula that takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, and leave-in conditioner. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora and online too!

Try it. WEN rocks!

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OSI Group History

February 6, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

The OSI Group operates U.S. Plants using the name OSI Industries, LLC. They deal with meat products including bacon, hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, pork, fish, poultry, vegatables, and dough products. In the last one hundred years they have made a name for themselves and work with many big name companies.

How it Began

Over a hundred years ago a German immigrant opened a meat market in Illinois. He then began expanding into wholesale meat trade and the company became known as Otto & Sons. OSI Group company got a good reputation for the quality meats they sold.

McDonald’s Meat Market

1955 brought a huge break for OSI Group when they started to sell meat to McDonald’s. It quickly became a job itself supplying McDonald’s with beef. The 1960’s brought a new method for preserving fresh food and Otto & Sons were able to bring consistent quality product. OSI Group became one of McDonald’s four different meat suppliers.

Read more about OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Name Changes

Otto & Sons opened a plant to supply McDonald’s and another to supply local restaurants and supermarkets. In 1975, Otto & Sons changed names to OSI Industries and served as McDonald’s exclusive supplier. There are plants in Chicago, West Chicago, and Geneva, Illinois, as well as in Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin, and California. In fact, they operate over 65 facilities that span 17 counties.

OSI Group has also supplied Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks in China. In 2016, OSI Group were ranked number fifty eight on a list that Forbes released of the largest private companies. They have a long history in this country and have made a few good friends along the way that have helped them gain the success they deserve.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water: Innovative Growth by Managing the Triple Bottom Line

January 30, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is sourced from the snow-capped Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Filtered through porous volcanic rock, this naturally pristine water is then bottled and distributed nationwide. Since the company began in 2012, they have been achieving unprecedented success by managing the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea Water begins with a product that is good for people. The Hawaiian island chain which produces it is surrounded by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, well insulated from the nearest industrial land mass. This means the rain and snowmelt the water originates from are pristine. Learn more about Waiakea Water: 

By the time this water makes it to Waiakea springs at the Pahoa Aquifer, it has been filtered through fourteen thousand feet of volcanic rock. The mountain’s natural filtration process then produces a water which is perfectly alkaline and rich in minerals and electrolytes. Reviews consistently describe the water as soft and smooth with a slightly sweet flavor.

In addition to being good for the people who buy it, Waiakea Water is good for other people. For every liter sold, the company donates 650 liters of clean water to Sub-Saharan Africa through Pump Aid.

Through the availability of fresh, clean water, deaths from water-related illnesses are drastically reduced in both children and adults. Therefore, customers can feel confident that not only are they helping themselves by drinking Waiakea, they are helping others.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic is also good for the planet. The company only uses bottles made from recycled materials. They are one of the first bottled water companies to be certified carbon neutral, meaning the organization entirely offsets its carbon footprint through sustainable practices and energy efficiencies, reducing its environmental impact and giving it a carbon footprint of net zero.

Beyond packaging an exceptional product in a sustainable method, Waiakea water pursues healthy profits through a continuous growth strategy. The award winning company has experienced a 5,000 percent growth rate since its initial launch in 2012.

It is now sold in over 2,000 stores in 30 states, including Whole Foods & Wawa, and it will soon be expanding internationally. Additionally, the company’s products can be purchased online through their website or other retailers.

Waiakea Water offers a superior product from an exotic locale. Through the company’s innovative focus on health, sustainability and growth it ensures itself a long future in the bottled water industry.

Securus Technology stops crime in its tracks, keeping officers safe

January 30, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Prison telephony giant Securus Technologies has gained a reputation as being the foremost provider of cutting-edge communication solutions to prisons throughout the United States. But one of the more interesting aspects of its business is its lineup of intelligence products straight out of a high-budget action movie. Taking systems first developed by the Department of Defense for fighting the baddest bad guys places like Afghanistan and Iraq could produce, Securus has found ways to implement new means of defending prisons from the potentially lethal threat of organized crime. Today, prison guards working in facilities with Securus’ full suite of intelligence and tactical products work in an environment that often times more resembles Casino Royale than Cool Hand Luke.



Send in the STINGRAY


The single largest problem prisons face is the threat of organized criminal gangs operating within its walls. Throughout the history of the U.S. penal system, organized crime perpetrated by military-like gangs has been the single largest cause of intramural death and mayhem, including many riots and hundreds of officers being brutally murdered. Today, prison guard still ranks on lists of the most dangerous jobs. However, that is all changing with new technologies.


In times past, contraband cell phones have been one of the biggest security threats to institutions because they allow for unfettered illicit communication. Gang leaders, or shot callers, use illegal phones to transact drug deals and even order hits on the outside. Prison guards and their families have been killed, the orders given on illegal cell phones.


Securus deploys its STINGRAY technology, straight from the urban war zones of Iraq, to detect all illegal cell phones and intercept conversations. Stingray has been used to solve murders and conversations have been used as evidence in many court cases. These types of advanced technologies are making prisons many times safer for both inmates and staff.