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The Eucalyptus Harvesting Eucatex Company

July 29, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Eucatex is a Brazilian production company that’s environmental concern lead it to harvest the eucalyptus for its raw materials to create tiles and panels for houses. Eucatex began in 1951, but due to its success, the business has expanded its manufacturing to include furniture, packaging, toys, construction and even doors and plates. The company has now expanded its locations to offices around the world, though their main manufacturing and forestry sources are still in Brazil, mainly in Salto, São Paulo. Eucatex continues to expand, and leads the world in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Eucatex selected the eucalyptus tree because of its desirable traits for environmentalist. The tree is one of the fasting growing sources of wood, helping Eucatex to easily replant trees they have harvested for manufacturing. The tree also produces a special oils that works as a cleaning agent and insecticide, and can also be used to reduce the risk of malaria by draining swamps. Although considered environmentally beneficial, eucalyptus tree’s speedy growth is a result of its extreme water consumption, a poor trait for those dependent on the water sources they drain.

Sustainability is one of Eucatex’s primary concerns. The company is reputable for its environmental safety and forest preservation standards. In South America, Eucatex initiated the first wood recycling line on an industrial level. Its success has continued to grow, and thousands of tons of wood were recycled in just the preliminary years.

President of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, is an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer who has led Eucatex to their recent achievements and expansion. He graduated from FAAP, and is also the head of GrandFood, Premier Pet and Golden.

Eucatex manufactures Eucafloor, laminate flooring used for a variety of different facilities. Strong demand has encouraged the business to create wide boards, mainly for small business and residential homes. Eucafloor evidence is the newest line of wood flooring, expanding the width of its strips up to 25 cm. Eucatex paints come in almost every style and color imaginable, and E-Color tinting allows businesses more than 2,000 options for dithering. Recently, Eucatex has even begun waterproofing. The eucalyptus tree oils helps create exclusive waterproofing that prevents moisture damage in wet environments. Eucatex doors are another highlight of their premium construction reputation. These doors are notorious for their exceptional strength, with beauty to match. They are reinforced by a hexagonal shape of wooden beams, preventing the door from collapsing from rigorous conditions.

The Confederate Flag Is A Symbol Of Pride Not Racism According To American Public Opinion

July 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

A New Poll Shows 57% Of Americans Believe The Confederate Flag Is A Sign Of Southern Pride

The Confederate flag has been getting a lot of attention. South Carolina was the catalyst for that attention. A new poll shows that most Americans believe the Rebel flag is a sign of Southern pride, but those poll figures vary by race, education and location. The majority of white people in the South say the flag is a symbol of pride, but most Southern blacks say it is a sign of racism. Whatever the belief, the Confederate flag is part of the history of the United States.

According to Bruce Levenson “when the Confederate flag was created, the United States was in a dark place. The Southern states were upset with Northern politics, and their lack of respect when it came to dividing new land in the West equally”.

The southern states were also upset with how the North was handling trade with Europe. The industrialized North was taking advantage of the agricultural based South. And then there was the slavery issue. Years earlier the North sold their slaves to the South, and then the North turn its back, and took no credit for initiating slavery in the states.

All those issues and a few more gave the South the reason to create a flag that represented them, not the North. So the Confederate flag was a symbol of pride then, and it still is to some Americans. That won’t change anytime soon no matter how many rebel flags are removed from government property.

Beneful Helped My Dog To Reach A Healthy Weight

July 23, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

My dog has gotten pretty big, and after taking him to visit to the veterinarian, the vet said that he was too big, and he needed to lose some weight. Call me ignorant, but I’ve never really heard of a dog having to lose weight, but my vet was serious about this. My vet said that the extra weight on my dog was something that could cause a lot of health problems for him, and I needed to do something about it right away. The vet told me that I should put my dog on a low-calorie diet, and he needed some additional exercise.

I didn’t know, but the vet told me that there are low-calorie formulas out there that can help a dog to eat enough food, but since the calories are lower, they can possibly lose weight. I diet all the time, so I can understand what my vet was telling me. I was told by my vet to try the Beneful brand dog food because they had a low calorie formula that could really help my dog to lose weight. I had to do some searching because I live in a small town with few dog food choices, but I finally was able to find the dog food that I was looking for.

I decided I would start changing my dog’s diet as soon as his previous bag of dog food was finished, which was only a few days later. The first day I started feeding him the Beneful low-calorie dog food, I noticed that he ate all of the food, compared to when I used to feed him the other brand of dog food. With the other dog food, he would play around with the food, so I’m surprised that he was overweight because he barely ate at times. I continued feeding him Beneful every day.

I took my dog on extra walks, and sometimes I would walk with him twice a day. I made sure to walk the dog every single day, and after a month of the same routine, I took the dog back to the vet. I couldn’t believe it, but the vet said that my dog had lost weight, and she said he was looking much healthier. I told her that I took her advice, and I bought Beneful low-calorie dog food, and she told me to continue the same routine for a few more months. Thanks to Beneful my dog is healthier than ever.

North American Spine Announces Plans for Expansion

July 17, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

PR Newswire recently reported that North American Spine will be expanding their headquarters. This will add a full 4,000 ft of workspace. This will mark the third time that North American Spine has expanded their facilities. As the exclusive provider of AccuraScope procedures it’s clear to see why they’re seeing such growth. North American Spine is able to provide some of the most cutting edge techniques for spinal treatment. Word of mouth and media attention is constantly bringing new patients in search of treatment.

The success of North American Spine is in large part due to their outstanding level of patient care. To continue providing that level of personal attention they need to expand the basic infrastructure used to provide those services. The large addition is centered around expanding many of the functions related to office work. This includes computer programmers, finance advisors and account managers. These are the people behind the scenes who ensure that the medical treatments go smoothly and that the patient always feels comfortable.

This is North American Spine’s third expansion in the past six years. While each expansion focused on different aspects of service, they all work to one common goal. North American Spine is dedicated to the treatment of spinal issues. And in particular they specialize in helping people who suffer from chronic pain as a result of spine related issues. Their AccuraScope procedures are only minimally invasive, but allow doctors to work on even the most difficult areas of the spine. It also allows work at such a delicate level that patients are usually able to leave the clinic on the same day. And the typical recovery time afterward is usually only about a week according to StreetInsider.

The success rate is extremely high, at around 82%. It’s quite common for people to come in to North American Spine after suffering under chronic pain for years or even decades. And one 45 minute treatment is often all it takes to open up a pain free future. Given the results it’s no surprise that North American Spine is seeing so much demand for their service.

Key Sectors For Investing In Brazil

July 17, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Brazil is a country that is buzzing with a lot of opportunities for investing. It is an economy that has thrived over the years therefore attracting various companies into the economy. With developed sectors in Agriculture, Finance, Oil and Gas investing in Brazil is guaranteed by a huge population that provides a ready market for the goods and services. There are several sectors worth investing in Brazil and reap you benefits in terms of profits. As noted by Igor Cornelsen in Yahoo Finance, here are some of the sectors:

The Telecommunication Sector
Brazil has an ever booming telecommunication industry with a mobile subscription increase rate of 1.6 percent per month. This is in addition to the large population of around 200 million people that provides a huge market for mobile services i.e. data, calls and short text messages. This market is projected to continue its growth pattern with Anatel Brazil’s telecommunications regulator predicting 1 billion mobile service subscribers by 2022. Therefore this provides a good investment opportunity.

Beverages industry
This industry is one of the major pillars of the Brazilian economy. In fact, Brazil is the largest exporter of alcohol and juices. With an extensive investment in Agriculture, it makes the availability of raw materials easier. The large population also provides a ready market for the goods produced. Brazil is also strategically positioned hence providing an easy access to other South American countries and this makes Brazil a good country to invest in.

Financial services
Brazil is currently developing at a steady rate. A good number of its citizens are enterprising and this brings about need for financial services. This is also supported by the huge numbers of startups and industries that are being set up in the country. The large population and the many companies drive the need of personal banking and corporate loans. Therefore, this makes it worthwhile having an investment in Brazil

Oil and gas
Brazil already produces vehicles and the large industries provide a ready market for petroleum products. Many vehicles directly indicate a ready market for gas products to tap. There are regulations set that makes investing in this sector favorable.
Brazil is a member of the BRIC nations, one of the largest trading blocks. Being a member it means through the treaties signed there will be endless opportunities for investing in. Also being the gate to South America, availability of markets would not be an issue.

Brian Bonar And The Growing Importance Of An Understanding Of Finance

July 16, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

A financial education is worth its weight in gold. The average American needs at least a basic understanding of finance to live comfortably. The days when people could look forward to living comfortably in old age based on their pension and social security are long gone. As people are living longer and longer, it takes financial savvy to be able to make ends meet in their golden years. This is why it’s important to learn as much as you can about your finances, save as much as you can, learn about investing and compound interest, and make a good plan for your retirement. 

When you mention financial planning to the average person, their eyes begin to glaze over and they become nervous. That’s because their financial acumen is sorely lacking. The average person changes the channel when the financial news comes on. But this has to change if people want to maintain a good quality of life. Most elementary, middle and high schools don’t spend enough time teaching their students about how financial planning affects their lives. Finances, like sex education and religion, is now left up to parents. But the average parent does not know enough about finance to teach their children.

People like Brian Bonar are the exception to the rule. The former CEO, CFO, secretary, treasurer, chairman of the board and president of Trucept, Inc. is a financial maven. With an MBA and a PHD from Stafford University, England in International Business Development Studies, Bonar has a deep and nuanced understanding of finance and money matters. He has used that knowledge to help guide companies like STTN, IBM, Dalrada Financial Corporation, and a number of public and private companies in Europe and the United States to financial stability. He has long been calling for more emphasis on financial education for the common man

The way you manage your money makes a huge difference whether you’re a private citizen or a multinational corporation. Investing in a financial education is something that’s becoming increasingly important. That doesn’t mean every adult needs to have an MBA or immerse themselves in the intricacies of the international financial markets. It does mean that the average person should understand how to manage their finances, set financial goals, and make a good retirement plan. A basic understanding of finances is something every man and woman needs today.

Finance should not be a foreign concept to the average person. Schools and parents must begin to take the time to teach its basics to the young. Not everyone can develop the financial skills of Brian Bonar. But each year more and more people must learn enough about finance to ensure they have a secure financial future.

Houston Remakes Itself Into A Real Estate Hub

July 15, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Real estate – and economists would reckon as much – is currently one of the most lucrative sectors of the US economy. Warren Buffet, a prominent Wall Street investment genius once said that in real estate, as in life, there are winners and losers. It all depends on how informed one is; it also takes insight, caution, and the courage to undertake risky ventures for higher returns.

In Houston, Texas, real estate moguls have invested millions of dollars in both commercial and residential housing deals. The growing investment in Houston’s real estate is vital for the Texas economy, and that of the United States by extension. Private developers are bringing up fixtures and rental spaces, which they lease to upcoming entrepreneurs such as hotel owners and Apple Store franchisers. Houston relators have also invested heavily in domestic housing, especially for college students in the city.

Haidar Barbouti, one of Houston’s real estate gurus and owner of Highland Village Holdings explains that the United States emerges as a model global economy under the auspices of the free market enterprise. He believes that the underlying principle of the free market is to allow people to engage freely in the economy through business and investment. As it appertains to business entrepreneurship, Barbouti is increasingly growing fond of Houston; he recently opened Up Restaurant, a culinary delight meant to add goodwill to the already venerable Highland Village at Wertheimer Road. Along with wealthy business partners, Barbouti has put his money in commercial and domestic real estate for both short-term and long-term returns.

Forbes reports that foreign direct investment has also helped boost the real estate business in Houston, especially in recent years; a money trail of Chinese investment, for instances, traces back to both residential and commercial real estate, especially in Houston suburbs. With an enormous purchasing power, young Chinese millionaires comprising mostly the business elite and technical innovators prefer the American free market enterprise since back home the government imposes tight regulatory measures as part of the communist economy.

Barbouti confirmed this in a recent interview saying that Houston is currently systematically remaking itself to attract wealthy real estate developers. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in 2015 that numerous real estate developers are purchasing property at a record rate in Houston. With housing prices expected to keep rising by 2016, experts project a rise in both local and foreign direct investment this year. Even as investment in domestic housing seems to be registering remarkable progress, statistics shows that private developers prefer putting their money into commercial real estate. Economic experts note that the housing sector is a major income earner for the federal government. The industry also creates numerous jobs spreading throughout the state.

FreedomPop Brings in More Investors

July 15, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing companies in the telecom industry. This innovative company seeks to provide people with high quality telecom service for free. The company has been making a great deal of noise in the technology sector, and they are sure to continue growing.

FreedomPop was launched in 2012 in Los Angeles. The company started by offering extremely bare bones data and mobile services for no charge. After several years as a hot start up, the company recently made a major announcement. The company announced that their first round of funding led to the company bringing $30 million in investments. The company had fielded several acquisition offers in recent years, from a wide variety of different telecom companies, but they decided to decline these offers.
Several different venture capital firms participated in this funding cycle. One of the biggest companies in this round of funding is Partech Ventures. Other key investors included DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. The company was originally seeded by venture capital firm Atomico. Over the last three years, FreedomPop has managed to raise $49.3 million.

FreedomPop has grown extremely rapidly, the company recently hit the one million subscriber mark. FreedomPop operates a virtual network, meaning that the company does not actually own any part of their network. FreedomPop purchases data from other networks, which can grow to be quite expensive.

FreedomPop makes money when customers decide to go over their minimum amount of data. Their pricing is extremely fair, at 2 cents a megabyte, and one cents a minute(or message). Users can also pay $20 for a premium phone. This business model appears to be extremely viable for FreedomPop.

FreedomPop continues to grow as more and more investors are attracted to the brand. The company seems to be changing the way users view the telecom industry.

Essential Tips In Investing

July 14, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

A lot of people used to view investing as just a pastime for the rich. They feel that they do not earn enough to have money left over to play in the stock market. So, why should they invest? The fact is, many financial tycoons like Igor Cornelsen have attributed investing to not just playing in the stock market. It is an approach to make your hard-earned money work for you. A smart investor does his research and makes calculated decisions in order to maximize his returns. If you have been thinking about investments, here are some fundamentals that will help you get started on the right foot.

A key to smart investing is to start when you are young. Time is your ally. The earlier in life you begin investing, the longer your money will have to grow, and the more able you are to ride out any dips along the investment horizon. If you are in your 20s, and you put $25 into an investment account every month, by the time you retire, you will be amazed at how much your money has grown for you.

With so many types of investment vehicles out there, how would you go about selecting the right ones? No one has a crystal ball, and no one can say for certain if your investment will make money. Any type of investment carries a certain amount of risk. Traditionally, investing in the stock market has been the riskiest because the market can be volatile. If the market dips, you can stand to lose money. However, if the market goes up, you can do very well. Therefore, the stock market is more appropriate to investors with a high risk tolerance and not for those who do not have the stomach for it.

There are investment choices that are less volatile, but whose growth potential is rather limited. A certificate of deposit is a good example. You can purchase a CD with various maturity dates at a fixed interest rate. Your CD grows at a slow but steady pace and is not subject to a lot of volatility. The potential return that you get is not as high as the potentials from stock investing. However, you have lower risk.

If you want to invest in a particular business industry but do not know what companies to invest in, you can consider putting your money into a mutual fund in that industry. This way, you leave the stock picking to the experts.

A last tip is that you should always understand what you are buying. That may sound obvious, but a lot of people put their money into something just because it had a great return last year, or just on the word of someone saying that it will be the next greatest thing. However, you should not put blind faith into something. Do your research into the company, sector, or whatever investment you plan to make. Invest in what you believe in, and do not try to time the market. Gradually, you will your investment grow for you.

Wealthfront Offers People the Opportunity to Invest Cheaply

July 13, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Investing used to be seen as a hobby for the rich, but now there are many different sites that offer people the possibility of investing with a very low entry fee. One of the best companies in the world of cheaply entering the investments industry is Wealthfront. Wealthfront recently unveiled a plan to ensure that anyone can begin investing.

Wealthfront has slowly, but surely, become one of the most popular financial advising sites. Many entry level investors look to Wealthfront for advice. Wealthfront has long been concerned with ensuring that everyone can invest, and now the site has decided to offer a system in which people can start investing for only $500, with their plans remaining free up until you have $10,000 invested. This is an extremely intriguing new plan, that is sure to draw international investors such as Igor Cornelsen to the fold.

Wealthfront has been able to drive down costs by automating work that was once performed by stock brokers and planners. This has allowed the site to offer new and exciting programs for those that are looking to enter the world of investing, as they do not have to hire nearly as many staff members to make their program work effectively. Wealthfront has become one of the fastest growing investment companies in the country.

Wealthfront has managed to grab $2.5 billion in assets since being founded in 2008. They specialize in helping their investors purchase low-cost ETFs. These ETFs typically bought based on what tolerance for risk their investors have. For years, Wealthfront required investors to enter with $5,000, but with the introduction of this program Wealthfront is sure to see new entries into the program.

There are several other competitors in Wealthfront’s part of the industry. One of Wealthfront’s biggest competitors is Betterment. Betterment has done an excellent job of making themselves a major competitor to Wealthfront. Betterment has no minimum investment, but they charge all investors with less than $10,000 invested a $3 a month service fee. With Wealthfront’s recent decrease in minimum investments, the company is sure to quickly increase in popularity.

The battle between low cost investment companies is fierce, and they are all targeting one of the most important demographics, millenials. Millenials are the largest part of the workforce, and over the next decade, much of the wealth that was held by baby boomers will begin to trickle to millenials. This makes millenials an important demographic to fight over.

While investing used to seem like something only the rich could participate in, companies like Wealthfront are opening up the world of investing to the young. Over the next decade, we are sure to see other companies that are looking to draw in millenial dollars to their company.