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IAP’s historic past leads it into the future

December 4, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

IAP Worldwide is a firm on the cutting edge of aerospace and logistics technology. It remains a leader in all of its business lines by hiring and promoting the finest talent anywhere on earth. What’s somewhat unusual about IAP as a company is that it started as an organization servicing government contracts. It was effectively born a world class competitor. With a history of completing some of the most complex infrastructure projects on earth, stretching over 60 years, IAP today continues positioned as a world leader. Here are some of the historic achievements on Hoovers for which IAP can lay claim.

From Cape Canaveral to Kandahar

In 1953, a Pan Am Subsidiary was awarded a contract to operate the launch facilities at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Pan Am Services had cause for celebration. This was the very cradle of the Space Age at its birth. Over the next 50 years Pan Am Services would orchestrate the launches of everything from the Saturn V to the Space Shuttle. IAP Worldwide continues as the primary contractor at Cape Canaveral and has its headquarters there today.

Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, Pan Am World Services expanded into airport operations and logistics on By the end of the 1970s, it was one of the largest airport services firms in the country.

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In 1989, Pan Am Services was acquired by logistics giant Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls was a major government contractor both domestically and abroad.

IAP itself was formed in 1989 to provide generators to a U.S. Army installation in Saudi Arabia. Shortly thereafter, the First Gulf War broke out. During Operation Desert Storm, IAP Worldwide performed commendably and quickly became a trusted go-to provider for U.S. forward operating bases. By the end of the ’90s, IAP was handling over $370 million in annual government contracts.

In 2005, IAP acquired Johnson Controls, creating a global power player in the logistics industry.

Shortly thereafter, IAP bought British engineering leader G3 Systems Ltd. This added even more capability to IAP’s already vast network of expertise, equipment and manpower.

Today, IAP employs more than 1600 people in 20 countries. They service U.S. military installations which, combined, form the workplaces of over 175,000 troops. It also has roles in disaster response, engineering, remote site energy provision and aerospace services. IAP continues to manage launches for NASA at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Ingenuity and purpose are dishes best served together. Throughout its history, IAP has brought these traits together in ways others could not, creating tremendous value for its clients. If history is any guide, it will continue doing so for decades to come.

Making More Money on College Football

December 1, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

NCAA football is the most popular collegiate sports division in the United States. Every year, the 100 teams that are in Division 1 NCAA Football go through a long 12 game schedule, which then concludes with conference championships, bowl games, and a four-team playoff.

What separates college football from other sports is that it is very competitive and the top teams can change drastically from one year to the next. In college sports, most teams will see that there starting lineups will turnover completely every two to three years. For teams that have a lot of future NFL talent, this turnover can be even quicker. Further, with the variability of recruiting and changes in coaching staffs, it can be tough to predict who will be the top teams in the league on an annual basis.

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While watching and betting on the hundreds of regular season games that are available every year, it can be even more fun to watch and bet on the post-season games. The conference championship games in the major conferences, the thirty bowl games, and four-team playoff is the most popular time of the year for college football. During these games you will be able to find even more lines, prop bets, and parlay options available to you. If you are looking for the most options available, the best place to start the process of betting is through This website will have the most betting options available to you and will have plenty of information on each game.

Josh Verne: Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

November 30, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Josh Verne is the CEO and Founder of FlockU, LLC- a position he has held since April 2015. FlockU, LLC was created by college students and also caters to the same students. It offers viral content, opinions, news and explainers on everything ranging from sex to sports to exams. The site has a network of students, and you can go there to watch, read and share ridiculous, fresh and hilarious, smart content. They partner with brands you love to make you laugh and advice on what you are required to know currently. They do all these while lighting the path that will enable you to sail through life outside of class.


As an entrepreneur, Josh has more than 20 years of experience in establishing, growing and selling business enterprises.


In an article published on website on August 17, 2016, Josh Verne outlines several ways through which you can get out of your comfort zone and succeed in both life and business.


Here are some of those key points:


Speak Less, Listen More


This point is quite simple and profound. There is a reason as to why we have one mouth and two ears. It is good to utilize them in that proportion. It is said that if you speak less, your words will have more power and authority and more people will listen to you.


Ditch being a boss and be a leader instead


Two people exist in management positions- leaders and bosses. A boss demands respect; he uses his title to reach his goals, and he does what interests him. A leader earns respect; he puts others before himself and uses that respect to accomplishing his goals. He also works in a team. If you truly desire to succeed in life as well as in business, then you need to be a leader and stop demanding respect and forcing your will on others.


Have a Balance in Your Life


Life is an act of balancing! No matter how much money you have, you will suffer a lot if your health and personal life are out of order. On the contrary, you may have a perfect body and a loving family, but if you don’t have enough money, then you and your family will suffer.

Make sure you balance all areas of your life, relationships, wealth, health and personal growth.


Handy helping consumers with a mobile app

November 30, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Harvard roommates, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dia, gave up business school to start a company of their own. It was a simple dream of a house cleaning-handy man service that they expected to be a big hit.

Like any small business it was a struggle to get off the ground. After a few years investors started to question if the company was going to make it, but Hanrahan and Dia never gave up.

The struggling came up with a new concept of letting consumers do client booking from an app on their phone or computer. They can schedule a house cleaning or minor maintenance all from their electronic devices. It also is a great advantage for the employees of Handy, due to they can pick their schedule and how many hours they want to get.

The company makes sure intensive background checks are completed on all their employees and resolves any complaints they receive from clients. As Handy grows, the founders are learning what consumers want in today’s times and they are providing it.

Handy has now hit an outstanding amount of bookings. Investors are coming around again and willing to provide money to help cover over 28 cities and still planning to grow larger as the years pass.

The two business students are true examples that starting from an idea is hard. At times it may even be on the verge of failing, but it is possible to grow a business with hard work and keeping up with the changes of what consumers want in their life.


What Young People Should Know About Finances From Brad Reifler

November 22, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

There is an old saying that goes, experience is the best teacher. However, what this saying doesn’t tell us is that the experience doesn’t necessarily have to be yours. This is what Brad Reifler has shown people in the past. With his vast experience in savings and entrepreneurship, one can always rely on this to make some small changes about their life or add extra information to their lives. Recently, Brad Reifler shared some tips that young people should know about the world of finance.

Brad Reifler’s advice to the young people is to develop a budget. A budget will help a young person balance his income with his expenditure. Balancing these two aspects is the key to any financial stability. Just like businesses plan out their budgets, Reifler believes that a young individual should plan his/her budget. This is also the only way you can do away with debts as well as unmet needs and the unnecessarily stress that comes along with being broke.

The other thing that Reifler insists about is the importance of knowing how much you earn and the amount of deductions that are made from your pay slip. There are individuals that don’t know the deductions they are subject to such as federal government tax, local and state tax as well as social security contributions. When you get to know the amount of deductions you get, you can be able to plan more and better. Brad was also critical on the importance of saving and compound interest. Once you save, your money is subject to interest. This means that the money gets to earn a little money as days go by. When the little earnings are added to your savings and subjected to the same interest rate, you even get to earn more money.

Finally, Reifler insists on the importance of a good credit history. A good credit history will guarantee you some forms of loans such as the mortgage. If you can’t handle a credit card, you can always make your history look better by taking a startup loan or even increasing your worth either financially or through assets. Brad has been very successful in business. He has worked with many companies such as Forefront Capital Management where he is the Chief Executive Officer. Previously, he held the same position at Pali Capital for 13 years.


ow one product revolutionized the lip care industry overnight

November 10, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

HWhen people started noticing celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus and even Christina Aguilera spotting a ball of EOS lip balm out of their bags, they knew that something special was trending in the lip care world. What started as the dream of two men, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller to change up the outlook of the gloss aisle in the drug store became an evolution that saw their products surpass market veterans such as Pfizer’s Chapstick and Burt’s bees and become a global success. But the process wasn’t easy.

The first step was to come up with a product that did more than just become another wacky addition to the beauty section of the drug store. To make this happen, they had to create a product that engaged the five senses. This is how the spherical pots of balms that smelled like heaven, had amazing flavors and were still made from the organic products came into being.

The second challenge that the manufacturer faced after the design and production was how to market the product. He says that it took to time to convince a female buyer at Walgreens who fell in love with their product and helped them establish an account there. Pretty soon, stores like Walmart,Target and Racked were spotting the delicious and colorful balls of balm on their shelves.

The third front of the campaign was to get the millenials to buy the product. The team decided that the best way to make it happen was to get celebrities such as Miley, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato to advertise the products on Instagram and Facebook ( This worked really well and the product page got 1.3million Instagram followers and 17 million on Facebook. And just like that, a viral and wildly popular brand had been created.

There have been minor setbacks, like the class action suit that was brought against EOS at the start of the year. The company settled out of court and didn’t have to change their product ingredients. The products currently sell a million units per week and are getting even more popular.


Reviewing the Benefits of Coworking Spaces

November 1, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv


Research indicates that when different employees share working spaces, they are likely to be more productive. In such cases, there is a diversification of ideas, something that paves way for more productivity. Coworking is a new concept in the corporate world. It involves having different employees working together in one office. More often than less, such employees belong to different firms.


Coworking favors business growth since it encourages the expansion of professional and personal networks, which go beyond the place of work. When sharing office space, it is easier for employees to find new clients who can help them grow their income. For employers, it is easy find talented individuals who they can work with. Employees are likely to be more productive since they do not get easily distracted. By working with people who are equally motivated and goal-oriented, they are likely to become better professionals. Their level of creativity also increases.


One of the major benefits of coworking is the fact that there is a better work-life balance. Employees can easily share their ideas with other like-minded individuals, something that makes their projects more refined. Sharing work stations is cheap, more so to upstart entrepreneurs since they can share utility bills. It is equally flexible since one can easily upgrade or downgrade whenever a need comes up.


About Workville


This is a New York based coworking location that has mainly thrived by blending luxury and comfort with flexibility. This coworking space is ideally located in central New York with close proximity to Bryant Park, Times Square, and major transportation hubs in the city for easy commute. It offers an inspiring working environment, which brings the best out of employees.


Those who opt for this coworking space stand to benefit from shared offices, open desks, and move-in ready offices. Members equally have access to facilities such as a lounge area, outdoor terraces, cafes, and meeting rooms. Other amenities include fast Internet connection, mail service, and daily cleaning. Workville’s main clients are startups and small businesses, which are out to build a heritage of success. WorkvilleNYC is located on the 21st floor of 1412 Broadway, and most of their shared office spaces are in NYC. This is one of the most luxurious office buildings in New York.



Learning About Kabbalah Centers

October 27, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Kabbalah Centers are locations devoted to eduction and spiritual advancement based on Kabbalistic teachings. Though the roots of this unique form of spirituality are supposedly rooted in ancient texts the modern interpretation of Kabbalah has existed since 1922. This is when religous scholar and Kabbalah founder, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, compeleted his first translation of the related spiritual texts. His goals was to translate them from the ancient dialect of Aramaic into modern Hebrew, making them accesible to any man or woman of the Jewish faith.

This is because the main teachings behind Kabbalistic thought are found in a book called the Zohar. The Zohar in turn is a section of the Torah. This is the primary holy text of Judaism and several sections of the Torah are also included in the Christian Old Testament. Because the Zohar was written in the obscure language of Aramaic it was only decipherable to a select number of Jewish scholars and religious leaders. Modern Kabbalah centers claim that the teachings of the Zohar are entirely non-denominational and can thus be adopted and adapted by members of any religion or life style.

They believe Kabbalistic teaching can act as a guide and gateway, providing followers with a greater understanding of creation, the universe, and their roles as individuals. The desired result is persistent, life long sense of happiness and fulfillment stemming from the knowledge of one’s place in the universe. Kabbalah has been slowly growing in popularity and acceptance. There are currently established Kabbalah Centers in urban areas throughout the world. Along with religious education these centers also engage in community building and charitable initiatives, encouraging their members to do the same. This is because followers of Kabbalah believe in the unity of human beings rather than their separation. They teach that human ego and obsession with self are the root of most people’s unhappiness. To learn more consider searching online and contacting a Kabbalah Center in your area. These locations focus on education and instruction and can provide a wide range of support material upon request. There are also websites and online resources available.

Kyle Bass Has Made Questionable Business Decisions In The Last Few Years

October 27, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv


Kyle Bass is the CEO and the founder of Hayman Capital Management . He recently had a discussion regarding China, gold, Central banking, and a variety of other topics that are on the minds of people in current times. He at some point had made some good guesses as to the state of China’s economy which created substantial profits. He now is giving his prediction for the current economic state in the country. The economy had a temporary slump but seems to be back on track currently.


Bass claims that the bond market is having serious problems because it is increasing its defaults and failed attempts at the recovery of the companies markets. He feels it is the beginning of a huge decline in the market. Although he may have gotten lucky with his predictions a few times in the past, Kyle Bass has a checkered past that has raised the eyebrows of critics and leads people to wonder what he is basing his predictions on. Some feel that he does not have the ability to correctly predict this decline.


One of the biggest issues that people have with Kyle Bass is his cozy relationship with the despot of the Venezuelan government. He is quite close with Cristine Kirchner which is a testament to his questionable ethics. She has openly oppressed her people and has kept them surrounded in poverty while she takes all that they have in the name of the government. The country is extremely poor and starvation and homelessness are rampant in the country.


Kyle Bass has also erroneously taken bad advice for his hedge fund which has resulted in substantial losses recently and has created a loss for the last three years. It seems as though his lucky streak in earlier years has disappeared and in turn has left him with a speckled reputation and tactics which raise many questions.  Read more on UsefulStooges here, for a more in depth look at the mistakes that Kyle has made.

Billy McFarland Is Creating A Startup For The Experience Economy Age

October 23, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

In Forbes Magazine, contributor Blake Morgan talks about what it was life was like in the epicenter of the 2008 global financial crisis. Morgan recalls the somber mood that had visibly settled over New York City that year where restaurants were notably empty and many people were faced with the difficult reality of losing their houses to a bank. Billy Mcfarland notes that the experience of seeing people lose everything that they had labored an entire lifetime to get is likely responsible for the way that she and other millennials are choosing to spend their money.

Many young people have chosen to delay big purchases that are typically markers of middle class status such as purchasing a home and a vehicle. Having seen how assets like houses and cars can slip through one’s fingers, millennials are, as Morgan put it choosing “access over ownership.” This shift is being seen in the housing market where, as noted in The Atlantic, home ownership is the lowest it has been in three decades for people between the ages of 18 and 34.

Young people are now willing to spend their hard-earned money on experiences that can’t be repossessed by a bank. In that vein a 25-year-old businessman is stepping into the fore by creating exclusive experiences that are designed by millennials for millennials. According to Fortune, Startup founder Billy McFarland is the brains behind Magnises, a company that serves as a point of connection between fancy restaurants, clubs, parties and events and young people living in metropolitan areas. Magnises is distinguished by its centerpiece, an onyx-colored card that gives those in its possession the ability to go behind the velvet rope in night spots in cities like Washington DC, San Francisco and New York City.

The Magnises card effectively helps its holders create the sorts of experiences that probably inspired them to move to the big city in the first place. Card holders have gotten the chance to drive Tesla cars, go on helicopter rides, attend events in the Hamptons, party in penthouses on the Fourth of July and meet other professionals that work in industries that drive urban centers like New York City: fashion, banking and tech.

McFarland has taken pains to make the Magnises card as easy and convenient to use as possible. While the card is not issued by a bank like the Visa card or Mastercard many adults have in their wallets it can be linked to a credit card and used for purchases.