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Billy McFarland Is Creating A Startup For The Experience Economy Age

October 23, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

In Forbes Magazine, contributor Blake Morgan talks about what it was life was like in the epicenter of the 2008 global financial crisis. Morgan recalls the somber mood that had visibly settled over New York City that year where restaurants were notably empty and many people were faced with the difficult reality of losing their houses to a bank. Billy Mcfarland notes that the experience of seeing people lose everything that they had labored an entire lifetime to get is likely responsible for the way that she and other millennials are choosing to spend their money.

Many young people have chosen to delay big purchases that are typically markers of middle class status such as purchasing a home and a vehicle. Having seen how assets like houses and cars can slip through one’s fingers, millennials are, as Morgan put it choosing “access over ownership.” This shift is being seen in the housing market where, as noted in The Atlantic, home ownership is the lowest it has been in three decades for people between the ages of 18 and 34.

Young people are now willing to spend their hard-earned money on experiences that can’t be repossessed by a bank. In that vein a 25-year-old businessman is stepping into the fore by creating exclusive experiences that are designed by millennials for millennials. According to Fortune, Startup founder Billy McFarland is the brains behind Magnises, a company that serves as a point of connection between fancy restaurants, clubs, parties and events and young people living in metropolitan areas. Magnises is distinguished by its centerpiece, an onyx-colored card that gives those in its possession the ability to go behind the velvet rope in night spots in cities like Washington DC, San Francisco and New York City.

The Magnises card effectively helps its holders create the sorts of experiences that probably inspired them to move to the big city in the first place. Card holders have gotten the chance to drive Tesla cars, go on helicopter rides, attend events in the Hamptons, party in penthouses on the Fourth of July and meet other professionals that work in industries that drive urban centers like New York City: fashion, banking and tech.

McFarland has taken pains to make the Magnises card as easy and convenient to use as possible. While the card is not issued by a bank like the Visa card or Mastercard many adults have in their wallets it can be linked to a credit card and used for purchases.

Michael Zomber Buys Bowie Knife and Owns a Piece of American History

October 21, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv


For Michael Zomber, any antique American weapon is a priceless treasure. PR Newswire reported that he recently purchased a Bowie knife that was used to stab John Brown, an abolitionist with extremist views. Brown called for the use of violent protect against slavery in the United States of America. Unlike some of his peaceful peers, Brown actually participated in violent acts that aimed to pressure politicians to abolish slavery. Many historians consider Brown as one of the most influential figures in the era preceding the U.S. Civil War. The Bowie knife that Michael Zomber bought is without a doubt a unique piece of American history.


Michael Zomber has built quite a great collection of American guns, pistols, rifles, knives and other tools that have been used in combat. Some of his most prized possessions include a pistol that belonged to George Washington. As a weapons collector, Zomber is familiar with all of the technical and aesthetic details of the items in his ownership. Whether it’s a colt or Springfield, Zomber can easily identify the slightest details of firearms that have been utilized by the U.S. army for generations. His interests have taken him to museums, historic sites and other major landmarks throughout the United States and the rest of the world.


Michael Zomber also holds a solid reputation as a credible historian. He appeared on the History Channel’s shows such as “Guns of the Famous” and “Dueling Pistols.”, seen here on YouTube. Additionally, he wrote several books about the U.S. Civil War. “Sweet Betsy That’s Me” is about a young girl who experiences the horrendous events of this bloody conflict. “A Son of Kentucky” is about a farmer who survives this civil conflict that took hundreds of thousands of lives. Both of these novels, available on Amazon, are loaded with accurate accounts of the U.S. Civil War. Additionally, these books cover the antebellum era in order to educate the readers about the events that led to the war.


On Facebook, Zomber tells us that he took an interest in American history at an early age. As a Boy Scout, he often visited various historic sites throughout the eastern part of the U.S.A. He still vividly remembers the first time he laid his eyes on an antique Springfield rifle during a camping trip.  Read more about Michael on his CrunchBase page here:

BICSI Gives Certification To Multiple Securus Technologies Field Specialists

October 20, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Technology has impacted every aspect of society. The business world has embraced the use of technology and provides a wide variety of technology related products and services for businesses and individuals. With such an expectation placed on technology, the business world has a variety of organizations that offer assistance and guidance to companies that provide technology related products and services.


One of these organizations is Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). The organization is known all over the world for its support of technology and technology professionals. BICSI provides assistance and guidance to people working in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry.


Securus Technologies announced recently that several field specialists at the company have received BICSI certification. A certification awarded by BICSI is well earned and shows a high level of expertise in the specific area that the certification recognizes. Also, BICSI prides itself on the level of skill needed to meet the standards required to earn certification from BICSI.


Securus Technologies provides technology related products and services for various industries. Some of these industries include correctional facilities, public protection, enforcement officials, and inmates. In addition, some of the technology related products that Securus Technologies supplies include screening products, biometrics, crisis situations, data administration, accident administration, and inmate self-help.


I think that the certification awarded by BICSI to the field specialists that work at Securus Technologies was well deserved. The field specialists probably had to go through a structured training program and pass an exam to qualify for certification from BICSI. As a widely respected organization in the technology industry, I think that BICSI makes sure that everyone who receives certification earns the certification.


Securus Technologies  should take the time to acknowledge the certification that the field specialists received by having some type of ceremony for the field specialists. The ceremony does not have to be a huge event. It can be simple and done in a break room at the company. Just a little time taken to recognize the hard work done by the field specialists will encourage them and other employees at the company to continue to work hard.


Get Luxurious Results At Home With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

October 20, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

For many years Wen hair cleansing conditioners have been going around and has been spreading a good reputation for itself for helping women manage their hair. Chaz Dean, a well known hair stylist that has been in the game for years, created the WEN hair care line with the vision of helping all women maintain beautiful hair at an affordable cost. Emily McClure, a writer for Bustle Magazine did a review on the product which details her experience and what women can expect from using it.

Emily picked up the product online and decided to try it out for a week to see what kind of results it would provide on her fine hair. She was hesitant to even try the product after seeing how thick it was to apply, which ultimately had her using much less than recommended. This didn’t matter in the end as Emily started noticing results very quickly even with the lower dose. By the end of the week, WEN had given her the results it promised. This was while using a low dose and only using the product in the mornings.

Chaz Dean has a ton of experience today with hair styling and making his own products, which is what enabled him to push through and create WEN, despite the difficulty and trial and error process. What resulted is a cleansing conditioner that was capable or offering a deep clean to remove all buildup, while at the same time nourishing and moisturizing the hair and scalp for a fuller and shinier look. Each bottle of WEN cleansing conditioners can be purchased online from Amazon or Sephora for $40 or under. Even better news, WEN cleansing conditioners unique formula allows it to replace many other hair care products typically used, like deep conditioners and detanglers. To learn more, visit the product’s page on Wikipedia.

Need Wen hair care?

Thor Halvorssen’s Uncommon Burning Desire to Right Countless Global injustice

October 11, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Thor Halvorssen is the convener of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual conference that hosts human rights activists from around the globe. His profound engagement in the dizzy and often complicated politics of global human rights has brought him in confrontation with a number of international conflicts. . It has additionally made him a standout among the most polarizing and puzzling figures in the field of human rights activism.

His Human Rights Foundation has as top on its agenda, the relentless combat of oppressive regimes around the world, whether it requires mounting campaigns to liberate political prisoners , extricating activists from their countries or inviting journalists and dissidents to the Foundation’s yearly forum. These lofty goals makes people wonder on how he got such zeal that has seen him record outstanding successes championing the course of the deprived and down-trodden over the years.

The answer is not far-fetched. It is embedded in his own statement: “The truth is that I’m a rather unfortunate son of Venezuela’s elite.” Let’s dig deep into this declaration.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His early political involvements occurred in the acrimoniously divided politics of Venezuela. The turning point of his life started in 1993 when his father, a one-time senior aide to President Carlos Andrés Pérez Rodriguez., was imprisoned. Halvorssen, then a student in the University, mounted a campaign in collaboration with Amnesty International and some other rights organizations.This effort yielded result as the father only had to spend 74 days in prison before he was released.

His vibrancy made him a target of Pablo Escobar. Halvorssen even went ahead to uncovered president Pérez’s hidden bank accounts containing stolen government money. However, ten years after the release of his father from prison, he still thinks his country is not safe for him. His mother’s death in the hand of Chavez security forces in 2004 makes it even more difficult to return home.

No doubt, this background, painful as it were, has helped inject into Halvorssen a burning desire to right the countless global injustices by both ‘right-wing’ and ‘left-wing’ regimes.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

How Lovaganza will attempt to unite the world

October 9, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Coming at the time the world is bedeviled with chaos, Lovaganza will attempt to unite the world through a cross-cultural fair that will try to bring to light the World Fairs of the past while capturing important events of the past such as the building of the Eiffel tower in France, and the Ferris wheel. The team behind the celebration is making a bold attempt to buttress our unity in diversity. The event will take place in eight locations around the world simultaneously.

The scheduled date for Lovaganza

The date for Lovaganza celebration was initially scheduled for 2015 the event had to be pushed forward to 2020 (from May to September) for a number of reasons;
• The event will showcase the world cultures using films, live drama, music and various other art forms. The movement of the event is to enable them utilize emerging technologies to better capture events of the past.
• To allow more time for the movie production.

What makes Lovaganza important?
The world needs an event to unite the people together. Lovaganza is the perfect platform the make the citizens of the world look at the cultures of others and appreciate them. It will also boost cultural tolerance on which is the first step towards achieving global peace.

Locate the nearest location

The Lovaganza project is expected to have locations across the globe namely America, Africa, Oceania, Asia and Middle East. The event is expected to boost the world economy. World Fairs on Tumblr of the past has been associated with the inspiration behind certain inventions like the television. Organizers of Lovaganza are aiming to achieve the same feat with the project.

The brains behind the movie production

The movie, ‘Follow Your Sunshine’ is a first part of the trilogy slated for the Lovaganza project. The movie was set in the 1950’s and shot in the small town of Frigiliana to the delight of the natives. the French directors in charge of the project, J F Gagnon and Genevieve took a convoy of fifty people to the town where twenty-five more extras were picked for the shooting. The production was of great benefit to the town as reported by the Head of Tourism. The complete movie trilogy will be showcase during the event using Lovaganza cinema glasses. The movie will be shot across the globe including Spain, US, India, France and certain parts of Africa.

Profit or charity

The Lovaganza organization is in two parts;
• The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise: this is aimed at bringing a world audience to experience a whole new level of entertainment by discovering and incorporating cultures from across the world. This structure is expected to generate some profit.
• The Lovaganza Foundation: this is the non-profit part of the organization. The profit made from The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise will be used to fund projects across the world that will impact positively on the life of the citizens.

Keeping up with news on Lovaganza

Preparations for the event are already in top gear across the various regions. The Lovaganza Foundation is scheduled to be opened sometime in 2018. For more news concerning the state of preparation and related events concerning the Lovaganza project you can visit

A Lip Balm for all Seasons

September 30, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Everyone knows, only a high-quality lip balm will produce the most natural looking lips. Made mainly from organic ingredients, the Evolution of Smooth product is 100% natural. Commonly referred to as EOS, this brand of lip balms are manufactured using at least 95% of organic ingredients. A mixture of over thirteen flavors, including coconut milk, blackberry nectar, honeysuckle honeysuckle, passion fruit and medicated tangerine, each combination smooths on clear and is gluten free. Distinguished by their oval shape and twist off top, each flavor weighs only 0.25 oz. Providing immediate relief, all flavors contain natural conditioning oils, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Shea butter. Knowing extra protection from the sun is necessary, certain flavors contain an SPF.
According to the makeup blog Catcher in the Style, during her makeup tip Monday, this blogger praised the Evolution of Smooth products ( She states that this lip balm is long lasting and its egg-shaped packaging has made it easier to keep up with. Although winter time is usually hard on her lips, after a month of using the EOS lip balm, she noticed her lips stayed moisturized without a weird build up that occurs with many other products.

Petroleum-free, in addition to other health and beauty products, EOS lip balms can be purchased via the Evolution of Smooth website. They are also available on most online retail sites like and as well as supermarkets nationwide and Canada. Costing between three and four dollars each, the EOS lip balm products are inexpensive to purchase.


A Look at Investment Advisory Firms and their Relevance

September 29, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Investment advisory firms specialize in offering personalized and detailed financial planning services to high net worth individuals and small business owners. These firms focus on coming up with flexible financial strategies to keep up with the constantly changing financial markets. Their sole purpose is to offer dynamic investment solutions that boost the growth of clients’ businesses while still minimizing the risks.

 Types of investment advisors

  • Product shops – these companies own a broad range of products used by their advisors to customize customer’s portfolio. They earn a living by selling their investment products to clients. They do not charge extra advisory fees, but they strictly focus on their own products.
  • Brokerage firms – these platforms comprise of outside managers, proprietary products, and other intermediaries. They have numerous layers of fees starting from trades’ transaction fees, product fees, and advisory fees. Brokerage firms can handle both affluent individuals and corporate clients.
  • Pure investment firms – these advisory firms offer fee-only advice. They utilize outside funds and charge a fixed advisory fee. Therefore, clients may end up paying both the advisory fee and the basic fund manager fees.

 Checklists for hiring the best investment advisor

Business Model – business owners need to know the type of business model that an investment advisory firm uses. A company that sells its products or utilizes outside brokers must have an excellent reputation of adhering to the revenue sharing agreements.

Transparency – apart from complying with the financial laws, the firm should have a personalized investment policy statement, which details the customer’s goals and risk tolerance.

 Richard Blair

BrightScope said that Richard Blair serves as the President of Wealth Solutions, an Austin, Texas-based firm that provides unique investment advice. He established the company with a major goal of making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners.

He had an unending passion to the arena of education, since his grandmother, mother and wife were teachers. Therefore, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions had a firsthand experience with education, and he must have seen how teaching is instrumental in the growth of the confidence and knowledge of a person.

Blair combined his love for teaching with his natural talents for finance and recognized that he could assist many individuals in financial planning. Upon earning his degree, Blair ventured into the financial service sector. In 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions to help clients invest and plan their finances wisely. Today, Blair helps his clients to start saving for their retirement early.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: A Statesman Who Listens

September 28, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a full-time deputy senator of the state of Guarico. He takes his responsibility seriously and so he spends most of his time playing an active role in committees and meetings. He wants to see his constituents face to face. That is why Jose Manuel Gonzales is so well respected within Guarico. All of the major caucuses want to work with him. he has the best interest of the people in heart whenever he speaks and he is concerned about the future of Venezuela.

Jose thinks that politicians are not fit to be in charge of the nation because their policies have ruined it. People have submitted to the temptation of corruption and so there was massive smuggling, overpricing, and outright theft of government property which has resulted in an economic crisis for the nation. Some politicians tried to approve a 50% increase in wages at a time when the people could not even find work. A policy like this would only force businesses to cut back on employees further. The people are fed up with the method of using band-aids to cover up its gaping wounds. they want real change that will feed their families and restore life to normal.

Jose says that the best way to fix the current problems is through the nation coming together. People must make tough decisions and put their own interests aside to help future generations. The government should be where this occurs but politicians have ignored their duty thus far. Venezuela requires economic growth and peace. There needs to be social inclusion so that people can escape the devastating effects of poverty. Jose also wants to bring about an end to populism. He says that the nation needs to emphasize freedom and the return of justice so that people believe in their government again.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez says he believes in the core values of respect for property rights, respect for civil order and opposition to warlordism and a rational approach to government that tries to include as many people as possible. He does not want to return to the days of the past.

Relmada Amends Lawsuit Against Laidlaw to $20 Million

September 16, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Early this year, clinical stage development company Relmada Therapeutics announced it had filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. in the state of Nevada. In accordance with this action, they also recently implemented an 8-k filing, increasing the damage amount to $20 million.

The new filing amends the original papers to include breach of fiduciary duty, injunctive relief, defamation and business disparagement, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage and several violations.

For years, Laidlaw served as Relmada’s primary investment banker. They were the company’s placement agent in Relmada’s May 2014 and December 2011 offerings. The firm also served as Relmada’s financial adviser during their merger with Camp Nine, Inc., after which Relmada became a public company.

The therapeutics company has alleged Laidlaw violated a number of federal securities laws, including disseminating misleading and false proxy materials that hurt Relmada’s stockholders and reputation. While a prestigious firm in its own right, Laidlaw has a history of noncompliance with securities laws. The firm has also been noted for consistently hiring compliance officers, brokers and other executives from less than reputed brokerage firms with histories of FINRA violations.

Relmada argues that the law firm’s recent behavior has incurred significant expenses as a result of Relmada’s efforts to protect their stockholders from Laidlaw’s negligent actions. Further, Relmada attests their NASDAQ standing was adversely and materially affected. As evidence, Relmada has referred to a decline in the company’s stock price. Between October 2015 and January 2016, Relmada’s stock went from $4.03 to $1.65 per share. This drop took place despite noticeable positive results in the company’s research for treating opioid dependence indicators and chronic pain. There was also the completion of its study of d-Methadone for neuropathic pain.

Both companies have issued letters to stockholders and other pertinent parties about these action(s).