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Marc Sparks

June 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

When you think about a serial entrepreneur maybe you think about someone who is enthusiastic, dedicated and determined to see his or her ideas to fruition. Idea after idea and business after business, seeing your work become reality takes patience and persistence. No one embodies these qualities more than Marc Sparks, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author of the book They Can’t Eat You. As a venture capitalist Marc Sparks now helps other entrepreneurs with their dreams.

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist, owner and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, which specializes in working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Marc Sparks is a wealth of knowledge on how to succeed at starting your own business as he has owned and operated dozens of successful businesses. If you have stand out ideas and need help to turn your concept into a profit producing reality, venture capitalists like Sparks can offer help in turning your dreams into reality. Sparks also realizes the value of giving back. As well as offering mentorship to companies, he is a philanthropist who helps his community of Dallas, Texas. Marc Sparks is very involved in a local homeless shelter, Samaritan’s Inn and Habitat for Humanity.

Some advice Marc Sparks offers new entrepreneurs who need help with marketing and guidance to take off, is to pitch their presentations to investors such as his company Timber Creek Capital. Sparks tells entrepreneurs to keep it simple and don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. The most important thing for a new entrepreneur to do is be excited and confident in what you have to offer. Let investors know what makes you stand out from others. Know your sales data and have a clear plan of how an investor’s money is going to help your business and increase sales.

Marc Sparks own entrepreneurial journey has led him to a career in helping others on their own. Mentors like Marc Spark, love the challenge of a new business and work at as he calls it “Spark Speed,” which is a sense of urgency that gets things done. He knows how to work with tenacity and focus to take the ideas of entrepreneurs and turn them into prosperous businesses. Those lucky enough to work with Sparks and his company Timber Creek Capital have access to the right resources for success.

Dine-And-Dashers Nabbed by the Power of Facebook

June 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Dine-and-Dash seems to be a time-honored tradition among a troubling subgroup of the population, but social media users don’t seem fond of the practice. A restaurant manager took to social media to inform other restaurants about the dine-and-dashers. The power of Facebook helped to apprehend a pair of brothers who were using the dine-and-dash method to eat at several top-end eateries in Cleveland.

According to local media reports, the owner of one restaurants created a social media post to inform other restaurants of the pairs scheme. It was seen by David Flowers, the general manager at Johnny’s, an upscale eatery in Cleveland. Because of the post he was prepared when the pair walked into his restaurant.

According to Handy, Matt and Scott Gareau walked in to eat at Johnny’s and after ordering a plethora of food and dining to their hearts content they attempted to make a break for the door. Flowers was waiting for them, and wrestled Matt Gareau to the ground before calling police. He snapped a picture of the dine-and-dasher on the ground and uploaded to Facebook as well, so all other managers could see that the pair had been nabbed.

Over the course of a week the Gareau brothers ate at six different restaurants without paying their tab. Each meal cashed in at over $200.

Quantity over Quality

June 22, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

The Internet has made incredibly easy for individuals to raise money and awareness for their causes. Through websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, people can raise money from generous individuals from across the globe. The Huffington Post covered a story that would detail the best way to use tools and connections to raise as much money as possible. The article detailed how talking to deep pocketed investors beforehand could get numerous other supporters to follow suit. According to Highland Capital Management, a group of British researchers studied more than 12,000 online accounts looking for public donations. The studies were reported in the Economic Journal and noted that contributors gave larger sums when the average of the collective donation rose. The decision to give a larger some did not rely on a person’s feelings or opinion of the cause. When the average donation increased by $15, donations spiked to about four more dollars than the actual average. If someone is going to run an online campaign they should look to make the median amount higher than the benchmark. Potential donors will more than likely end up giving more than what is asked. Donations were also affected in terms of who donated. If a fundraiser can get a well-known contributor to donate even a small sum of money people were more apt to follow suit. When it comes to charitable fundraisers, research proved that it was the quantity of the donation and not the quality of the cause that rakes in the big bucks.

J. Crew Meets Fate Similar to Gap Stores

June 18, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

While the Gap is closing 175 stores J. Crew is getting rid of 175 employees. J. Crew is going a step further than Gap though by firing the lead designers. This is a drastic move, but capital managers like Brad Reifler say that this is what happens when profits drop. The clothing industry is a cutthroat kitchen that only serves the most cutting edge fashion to consumers. When consumers no longer see a company as fashionable changes have to be made.

For so many years J.Crew – much like the Gap stores – depended on loyalty from customers. The brand has been established for so long. It made the designers get lazy. Meanwhile, there is a whole world of designers in entertainment that are making their own clothes. Kanye West is getting his clothing line up and running. Kim Kardashian already has a clothing line. Jay-Z and P.Diddy make millions on their clothing. Jennifer Lopez has a booming clothing like with garments that are found at Kohls.

Young people are going to embrace entertainers that market clothing. Beyonce has her own clothing line with her mother. She can entice other women to buy her dresses because they like her music. This is big. When someone with star power can step in and redirect customers to shop elsewhere companies like J.Crew can’t help but to lose ground. There is still some brand loyalty that keeps customers there, but the brand must evolve.

Auto Title Lending Worst Than PayDay Loans

June 8, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Consumers finding themselves short on cash are being wooed by auto title lenders. Certainly not new, but now that lawmakers are putting the breaks on many payday loan lenders, auto title loans are flourishing.

Short-term lenders allow you to borrow money by using your vehicle as collateral. Sounds easy and straightforward, but is any corner-store loan really that simple?

FreedomPop warns that, that loan comes with a hefty interest rate that often translates into a trap. About 1 out of every 9 borrowers end up having their vehicle repossessed.

According to Rosemary Shahan, President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, “Title lending in my opinion is nothing more than legalized car thievery. “It’s a setup to get the borrower into a loan where you just pay, pay, and pay more, until eventually, they still take your vehicle.”

It was such a easy deal, Jennifer Jordan of Lemoore California fell into that trap. She only need $400, but the minimum at Allied Cash Advance was $2600. This is because, loans over $2500 have unlimited interest rates, according to California law.

While everyone would like to see interest rate caps and overall changes to the law, these lenders invest in lobbyist and politically connected.

Consumer advocates say weigh your options and determine just how bad you really need those funds.

Bill the Big Spender

June 4, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

William “Bill” Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are among the most philanthropic celebrities to have ever given money for the betterment of humankind. They are by far the most generous political individuals to hold a place in politics, for sure. Unfortunately for the couple, critics are putting the Clintons under heavy fire for their spending. People are wondering if the millions of dollars that the couple are raking in are going to their respective charities or the pockets of the Clintons for their campaign. Even if the Clintons were receiving millions of dollars dishonestly, they wouldn’t be able to use it for their election. Recent elections have seen a huge jump in political spending. It’s made it necessary for the government to put a cap on how much each politician can spend. Not only that, Bill Clinton is specifically renowned for his philanthropic capabilities. When the former president finished his term, he found himself engaged in nothing. That’s when representatives of STX Entertainment say he started the Clinton Foundation and focused on aiding those who needed it. Clinton recalled a time where he traveled to Arkansas and met a small business owner who desperately needed help. Instead of throwing money at her, Clinton set up a business and financial mentor for the woman and other business owners in the community. Educating them instead of just throwing money at them has kept that small town successful to this day. While Bill and Hillary are far from perfect, the couple is far from money hungry politicians.

The Best Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich

June 3, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most respected plastic surgeon, locally, nationally and international. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the world’s most prestigious journal for plastic surgeons, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Rod also co-chairs the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposia. He is a great leader. He has led various plastic surgery corporations in the world. The doctor is also a professor. He teaches on ways to perform healthy and approved plastic surgery. He emphasizes on good treatment and care for the patients. He has led many researches on finding better ways to carry pout the surgery. He is passionate about his work, making him do his best while at his work. This makes him outstanding and loved by his patients.
He was born and raised up in North Dakota. He undertook his earlier studies in North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota. Afterwards, the doctor took his postgraduate studies in Baylor school of medicine, Houston. He completed his residency at the University of Michigan, before going to Radcliffe Infirmary at Oxford University for further training. He doctor has worked with very popular surgeons and at the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard in Boston and as an assistant professor at the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas. These studies and working experience has given the doctor all the knowledge required to do the plastic surgeries to perfection.
He has received many honor for his endless contribution towards the advancement in the plastic surgeon. He has written so many material to share on his new discoveries in this field. He has made new discoveries in performing rhinoplasty, breast implants and face surgeries to give the patients natural and satisfactory results. Rod Rohrich is well known for his professional and dignified ways of handling his patients. All his patients testify to being given the best treatment, care and handling. He holds many symposia to teach others and his students on the best ways to take care of the skin after surgery and on the most recommended ways for plastic surgery.
He is also of two children, and married to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dianne Gibby. He emphasizes on choosing a qualified and professional doctor when undertaking the surgery. He respects patient- doctor relationships and always want the patients to receive the best care. His medical team is made up of the best plastic surgeons in the world.

The Big Banks Get Another Bail Out

May 27, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

The great recession was a financial disaster that reached global proportions, all of which was caused by fraudulent banking activities conducted by greedy lenders. The banks were bailed out by the government, and most of those who committed crimes in order to swindle people out of their life savings were not ever brought to justice in a court of law. So, it should be no surprise these same corporations have done it again.

Half a dozen of the world biggest banks have plead guilty to crimes related to manipulating interest rates and loans, yet nobody is sitting behind bars. Citicorp, Barclays Plc, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, and JP Morgan Chase are now all convicted felons. However, the justice system is acting as if it was the banks who committed the crimes, not the bankers. They are holding invisible corporate entities responsible while letting the real crooks continue to run our financial institutions.

These were not victim-less crimes, people were robbed of their hard earn money and were lied to by institutions that they trusted. In total, the banks have been ordered to pay back $5.8 billion, the extent of the punishment. An amount that may sound significant, but when you consider the wealth of the banks involved, it’s chump change. Daniel Amen considers this a precedent that lets corrupt bankers know they can commit serious crimes and get away with it.

Leave Your Number at the Tone

May 20, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Debt collecting is a profession that dates back to the biblical era. Often times, the profession was associated with greedy or malicious debt collectors. It is of no surprise that some of these notions reign true to this day. Unfortunately for consumers, debt collection has grown more malicious with companies pursuing money by way of phone, mail, and email. One Missouri citizen recently sued a debt collection company for their malicious attacks to receive a debt from her. What the company failed to acknowledge, is that the woman who filed the suit did not owe any money. A man in Kansas City actually owed the company money and had a similar name to Maria Guadalupe Mejia. The company ruthlessly pursued Maria for 15 months. The company originally sued Maria for the effort it took for them to pursue her. This entire time, the company brandished Maria’s credit score. When she found out that the company was suing her, she countersued for the trouble they put her through. The judge and jury in the lawsuit awarded Maria upwards of 89 million dollars for damages and the emotional stress that comes with a lawsuit. Maria has been in fear for months that she would lose her job and house over the company’s pursuit of the 1000 dollar debt. The company is arguably upset with the ruling. Before they pay out any money, they plan to appeal the judge’s decision. Gianfrancesco Genoso understands why they would feel that the final ruling is a miscarriage of justice. It’s easy to see why they would think that, but Maria feels otherwise.

Haidar Barbouti Leads in Real Estate Excellence

May 13, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

When people search for high-end real estate in the Houston, Texas area, they inevitably discover The Haidar Barbouti. He is ‘The’, because there is no other quite like this unique expert in unique up-scale properties. He is The One And Only Haidar Barbouti. He has decades of experience, throughout the world, as a top professional commercial properties expert. Guiding the acquisition of key real estate, then developing world class business investments to dramatically raise the property’s value, is Mr. Barbouti’s everyday business in the United States.

His past investments in US properties have been major, eye-popping success stories. From condo conversions, to large shopping centers, to office buildings, many land developments, and an array of other top investments, Haidar Barbouti has proved he has the golden touch. Just as important, perhaps, is his deep care for the communities he has enriched, especially those small ones who need someone who will stand with them, in their corner. Haidar Barbouti has given generously, both with his resources and time, to support many charitable needs. One such heart warming act was when he helped create Houston’s Highland Village Adoption Center for animals, by donating retail space they needed for their operations. It is located in the vastly successful Highland Village shopping complex, which he has owned and operated for 23 years.

The Highland Village is another example of his never-ending quest to improve life in the United States. He has architected constant advances over the years to build it into an upscale jewel of modern retail centers. He has done this to raise the character of the stores in Highland Village, while also keeping the retail space rents quite competitive. Compared to other high profile shopping centers, such as the older River Oaks Shopping Center and Rice Village, Haidar Barbouti’s Highland Village is a much more sought-after location.

He has guided many of his retail tenants to construct world class stores. His own investments have led the way, such as when he built a large multistory parking facility and included valet parking stations. His ideas for storefronts with different period looks has led to some of these stores receiving awards from architecture magazines. But Mr. Barbouti is not worried about whatever his competition is up to. He is too busy leading with his own focused vision of long-term growth with deep character.