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Kyle Bass: The Perfect Example of What Not to Be!

February 9, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital Management, started his success in a seemingly bright light. He successfully predicted the housing market crash that virtually turned him into a over-night success story only dreams were made of. Instead of building off of that he has since plummeted to the depths that could possibly rival Bernie Madoff. Many business decisions and shady partnerships later, he has all but erased his 2008 success.

His strange relationship with Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who has done more damage to Argentina’s economy than anyone has in decades before, that he defended like a lost puppy dog by stating that New York Judge Thomas Griesa’s ruling in favor of all the creditors to be repaid is “immoral”. Bass also stated “they were “holding poor countries as hostages” and “holding up 42 million people from progress.” This alone has created a cloud of uncertainty, and to some, disgust.

Another example of Kyle Bass’s decline comes in UsefulStooges and his dealings with GM. After the the multiple deaths caused by faulty air bags in GM cars, his ethical meter dipped farther in the red. His defense of his investment in GM took Bass to an all time low by stating that the victims were either inebriated or did not have their seat belts on. This is on top of the fact that GM knew about the situation and did not act on it.

Most recently, he has placed his focus on ruining the pharmaceutical industry with, what seems to be, a greed driven train that is hurting the patients that are waiting for much needed medication. His master plan was simple. Zone in on certain pharmaceutical companies, short-sell their stocks, then challenge one or more of their patents via a front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which was put together to support his plan. This despicable business practice not only hurts the patients but makes the pharmaceutical companies less inclined to move forward with medical research.

These outrageous actions are catching up with him. The PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeals Board) is trying to move forward with sanctions and pushing very hard to tag him with extortion charges. All this has left so many wondering what could have happened to a once successful Hedge-Fund manager to push him to the depths he has lowered himself to now.

Bernardo Chua’s Vision For Healthy Coffee And Tea

February 9, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of OrganoGold, and he has been producing organic coffee and tea for his customers for decades. The current trends in farming point to organic methods, but Bernardo has worked with organic farmers in the Philippines since the company was founded to produce better teas and coffees. This article explains how OrganoGold has set the bar very high for coffee and tea production, how customers are getting better products and how every product is sold through an independent network.

#1: Organic Growing Is Important

OrganoGold was founded on the basis of its organic growing techniques, and Bernardo Chua has upheld the organic growing principles that made the company a success from its inception. Organic growers in many islands of the Philippine nation are growing coffee beans and tea leaves used in OrganoGold products, and the company converts those raw materials into the best products on the market.

#2: The Products Sell Easily

Bernardo has created a network of independent sellers who purchase products from OrganoGold at wholesale value, and the products are sold a profit. Both OrganoGold and the sellers make a profit, and the sellers are free to sell to anyone they like. There are sellers in the network who find new customers every day based on the flavor of OrganoGold products, and anyone who wants to drink healthily may purchase from an OrganoGold seller.

#3: The Products Are Expanding

OrganoGold is expanding into energy drinks, and the brand is making a move into North America. The products are sold privately as they have been in Asia for some time, and OrganoGold is introducing an energy drink that will compete with the popular brands in North America. The energy drink is one more notch in the belt of award winning Bernardo Chua, and he hopes to capture people who are looking for better flavor in their energy drinks. His vision to bring OrganoGold to North America has helped the company grow even more than it has in the past.

OrganoGold could release more products in the future, and every private seller stands to make quite a bit of money on each product. Bernardo wants his company to be as expansive as other brands that produce the same sort of drinks. Coffee beans and tea leaves can be stretched to an impressive catalog of products.

The OrganoGold brand has made its way from Asia to North America with the best flavor in the industry. The organic growing practices in the Philippines help the coffees and teas taste better the competition, and Bernardo Chua said on Twitter that he is using the flavor of his products to make his company more popular than ever. OrganoGold is far ahead of its time, and the company will continue to offer organic products that it originated years ago.

Dog Food Gets a Make Over and Customers Get More Options

February 9, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

It is very seldom that one would hear so much buzz about high quality dog food, but there is a lot of talk in the air. Much of the buzz comes from all the expensive meals that are now being put into the dog food industry.

I discovered recently that Purinastore, the company that is responsible for the Beneful brand, is letting customers build their own dog food online. I think that this is awesome, but I really have not found on facebook myself at this point just yet. Beneful already has 40 flavors so I don’t really see how I would need more than that. The company is doing a rather fine job of producing high quality dog food without any help from me.

There are an enormous number of companies like Purina that are producing high quality dog food, but my research leads me to believe that Beneful may have the most variety. There are some companies that will stick with one or two signature meats, but Beneful has expanded to three meats. Some are just known for things like beef and liver or lamb. Beneful has taken high quality production to another level with beef, chicken and salmon. There are even vegetables that are getting thrown into the mix. This makes it impossible for people to overlook the large variety that this company has to offer. I would dare anyone to find more variety than what is available through the Beneful brand.

Pet owners that are in the market for dog food will notice that customization is an option, but there are practically more choices than anyone knows what to do with at this time. The Honest Kitchen Embark makes meals with vegetable blends with turkey. There are organic foods and air-dried treats for dogs. There are so many types of consider. I have been impressed by the dog food that is out there, but I am hearing that this is just the beginning. Dog food has changed for two reasons: one reason is linked to consumer demand; the other thing that caused this evolution is the result of technological advancements.



Solo Capital in London And Its Philanthropic Endeavors

February 2, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Sanjay Shah is a common name when it comes to the investment and financial industry. He is an individual who has earned and still makes incomes from the various investments firms that he has invested. Sanjay Shah is the CEO and founder of Solo Capital Markets that is located in England.


The company is an umbrella of other enterprises including Solo Capital Partners and Solo Group Holdings. It is reported that Solo Capital Partners recorded a net worth of 15.45 million pounds, with assets amounting to 67.45 million pounds and liquid cash flow of 30.26 million pounds. Solo Group Holdings manage solo Capital Partners, but the management is all under one CEO and founder Sanjay Shah.


Apart from managing the companies, he is also philanthropic but which was out of an experience he had with his son. His son suffered a condition known as autism while he was four years of age in the year 2011. The situation changed how he felt about life in a more different way and prompted him to start a campaign to ensure that other children do not fall victims of the condition.


The idea of charity activities towards the Autism Rocks was born; it is aimed at making people aware of the condition, contributing money to assist in further research of autism through hosting concerts. He has always partnered with various musicians and other artists, in general, to ensure that the events are successful.


Shah together with his group of companies has been actively in the charities for over ten years now in India. He has been of help to most families in India, and he is not aware of what he can do to save other kids from the same. Through technology advances, he has been able to spread autism awareness through a domain on the internet that he created by spending 100,000 US dollars to fund it. The website helps in collecting information and where more people can volunteer to assist in the course of helping other children and families.

Source: Global-Citizen

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George Soros Calls Out Donald Trump Over Fear-Mongering Tactics

January 31, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Forbes Billionaire George Soros has officially had enough of the fear-mongering techniques used by Donald Trump in his attempt to win the next presidential election, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. Recently, Soros made the decision to push back against what he feels is an enormous amount of damage that has been caused to the free will and civil rights of all Americans. Many believe that his anger is understandable after Trump’s recent push to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. Soros has stated that by Trump’s ridiculous claims that all Muslims are terrorists, a divide has been created across the country, leading to an “us versus them” mentality. The divide creates a mass amount of fear, which leads to the discrimination of Muslim United States citizens who have done no wrong. George Soros has gone on further to insist that the depth of the chasm being created could lead to a more predominant ISIS presence, since Donald Trump is “doing the work” of Islamic leaders who hope to destroy the United States by use of one terroristic cell at a time. In other words, the discrimination against Muslims could drive them directly in to the arms of terrorists because they would have no other support system to turn to.

Donald Trump has been using a multitude of scare tactics in his speeches, which seem to feed into the fears that the United States is no longer a safe place to live. He has encouraged outright hatred towards the Hispanic race as well. Trump deeming all migrants that enter the country to be a threat has gotten under the skin of George Soros, who was once a migrant himself. Considering the United States has been called the “melting pot” of many cultures, it makes little sense to begin attacking people for no reason.

Marcio Alaor And His Banking Success

January 30, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

While Marcio Alaor may not be the most successful individual that the BMG bank has seen, he has been a major inspiration to people who are just starting their career or who do not have a career. He has worked from the bottom and has become a very respected individual in the world of banking.

Starting out, Marcio Alaor was only a shoe shiner. He worked with people who were like the executives of the BMG bank and made sure that he was giving them the best shoe shining possible. He was much more motivated than his fellow shiners and made sure that he took a great deal of pride in the work that he did. He also made sure to always remain friendly with the customers and to try to strike up a conversation with them when the opportunity arose. He wanted to be sure that they felt comfortable and that they were happy with the services that he provided.

A banking executive of BMG bank had his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor one day. He liked the work that the young man did and began going to him to have his shoes regularly shined. He made sure that he only used Marcio and quickly became friendly with the young man. He liked the way that he worked and knew that the man had drive, despite the position that he held. Many people would not have been proud of the work they did, but Marcio was always proud of it.

The executive wanted to offer Marcio Alaor a position at the bank, but he did not want him to become overwhelmed. He offered him a position at an entry-level banking experience. He knew that Marcio would excel at the position, but he did not want other people to become envious of the way that Marcio was treated. With proper training and a great mentor, Marcio Alaor was able to get promoted throughout the bank very quickly. He wanted people to know that he was the right man for the BMG job and made sure that he always gave the best service possible.

The dedication to being better and to customer service allowed Marcio Alaor to work his way so far up the banking ladder that he was eventually offered the vice president position. He is now the number two person in the bank and knows that he is able to get what he wants while giving the bank what it needs. The position is a great success for someone who started out shining shoes. Despite being in such a high position, Marcio Alaor has never given up the drive that got him to where he is at in BMG bank.

George Soros Predicts EU Collapse

January 26, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

George Soros, founder as well as chair of the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management was born in the year 1930 in Budapest. He survived the Nazi occupation in World War II and fled from Hungary in 1947 for England where he graduated from the London School of Economics. He settled in the United States and accumulated a huge fortune from the international investments fund he himself founded and was involved in its management (Read the Full Story). He has authored several books and his articles on society, politics and economics appear regularly in major magazines and newspapers worldwide. Recently he predicted the collapse of the European Union in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche, a German magazine.

Soros revealed on CNBC that he is critical of the austerity policy exhibited by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor but supports her in her efforts to unite the EU. She had a foresight of the migration crisis of having the potential to destroying the European Union. It would have led to a breakdown of the open borders and undermine the common market. However, her plan of changing the public’s attitude was not well prepared thereby risking her EU and Germany positions.

He opined that the European Union is at the moment confronted by six crises at once. These are Greece, Ukraine, Russia, upcoming British referendum, migration crisis/Syria’s conflict and Paris terrorist attacks. Soros opines that the European Union needs a fixing badly and that had Merkel exhibited her current leadership earlier, things would be better. Soros supports the principles of an open society just like Merkel owing to their personal histories. He added that the European Union was founded on the open society principles but of late it has been dominated by nationalism forces. The European Union as it was does not exist as it is now a relationship of debtors and creditors thanks to the Euro crisis. The creditors set conditions that the debtors must meet which is not equal or voluntary anymore.

The recent migration crisis has come with more fissures that threaten the very fiber that holds the EU together. The EU needs a plan that is comprehensive if it expects to respond to this migration crisis in ensuring asylum seekers are absorbed by Europe in an orderly manner. Orban is attacking the EU from inside using a policy that attacks the principles and values that it was founded on. Putin is attacking it from outside as both presidents try to reverse the European order. The British exit (Brexit) from EU will also weaken the EU greatly.


January 20, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Marcio Alaor is the executive vice president of Banco BMG bank. The bank’s primary business is assigning personal loans and payroll loans. Marcio Alaor is the overseer of these two activities. Marcio Alaor has been once and again named one of the top entrepreneurs in Brazil in the financial sector. Marcio, in turn, has received several awards for the same.


Marcio is known for his enthusiasm for giving back. In the financial world, Marcio gives his different analysis in various investments, the wrong and the profitable. In his analysis, Marcio touched on the auto motor investment. He mentioned that the stocks from the automotive industry were the first to be exhausted in the public stock market.


He also states that over the years, the shares in the motor sectors are usually the first one to dip into the market. In his analysis, the stocks of Ferrari had an increase of 5%. The car sector according to Marcio Alaor is an investment worth taking a risk.


Marcio Alaor gives a statement on one of the stable economies in the world. This economy is the Australian economy. During the year 2008, the whole world underwent a deep recession, but Australia survived it a great deal. Australia deals with export of different commodities. Such products include wheat, iron, and aluminum among many others.


It could be the reason even after the recession the country marked a 1.4% economic growth. The country’s annual growth also increased by 2% last year. It is significant in the sense that most of the other countries including most developed countries had an economic drop. Australia just became recognized as to have an upward continuous economic growth curve.


Marcio Alaor, as the executive vice president of BMG bank, is pleased with the banks’ partnership with Itau. The business is expected to be focused on the assignment of payroll loans. The bank, according to Marcio, chose Itau because they provided options that showed an excellent future revenue without much expenditure. The partnership is expected to help in Brazil’s economic growth. Both Itau and BMG have many payroll loans clients. Therefore, the contribution to the economy by that partnership is going to be significant.


Other than business, Marcio has been known to be a campaigner for social-economic growth. Marcio primarily calls for rural growth. In his town during an award ceremony, Marcio mentioned it’s important to maintain an attachment to one’s Origins. Such sources would include family, friends and the whole community. They are a major part of success journey. During his speech, he encouraged people to help support economic growth without losing social ties.

Michigan Businessman and Entrepreneur Giving Back to Society

January 20, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv


Giving back to society is a great decision that everyone should embrace. It is an act that is human and valuing the people you live with in this world. Meet a philanthropic US citizen by the name Dick DeVos. He was born in mid-1950s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a son to Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway. He schooled in Forest Hills and later joined Northwood University for a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In addition, he joined Harvard Business School one of the best universities with a worldwide reputation. He has received several honorary doctorates from various universities such as Central Michigan University, Grove City College and Northwood University. His wife is the former chairperson of Michigan Republican Party and she is called Betsy DeVos.


DeVos career path started by working with his family business, Amway founded by his father in 1974. His vast knowledge in business administration has seen him work through various departments in the company including manufacturing, sales, marketing, research and development among others according to his LinkedIn. He has a record in generating the highest revenue by venturing into new markets. Consequently, international sales beat domestic sales threefold. He had once become the president and chief executive officer of the Orlando Magic, a basketball franchise which his family business acquired. Now he runs the Windquest Group and has founded an aviation school that mirrors his own passion for flight.

The philanthropist is the president of the Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation. A foundation that donates huge sums of money to various disciplines such as artistic, educational, religious free- market economic organizations and community since 1990. It has also funded various charitable institutions. Since 2009, the foundation has supported an art competition in Grand Rapids called ArtPrize.


Being the leader of the Foundation, the billionaire donated over twenty-two million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was later renamed DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. The institute is well known globally due to funding training to arts managers and board members at different stages of professional development. This training in conducted through seminars, web chats, and on-site consultation. Dick and Besty DeVos foundation also finances the organizations that support free market economics such as Grand Rapids, the Heritage Foundation among others. He attributes his giving spirit to his father’s example of philanthropy.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

The philanthropist together with his wife a scholarship foundation namely The Dick & DeVos Scholarship in 2008. The scholarship scheme is meant to sponsor students joining universities especially from the developing countries who find it difficult to raise fees and are bright. The foundation also offers free entrepreneurial training for students enrolled in business courses. For further details about Dick DeVos philanthropy see .

The Greatest Music Impersonator In The Entertainment Industry Keeps The Memory Of Micheal Jackson Alive

January 7, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Micheal Jackson’s song “man in the mirror” is iconic and meaningful to his fans. However, to Sergio Cortes the song has a deeper meaning, for every time he looks in the mirror he sees the reflection of Micheal Jackson, and he is constantly reminded that he was born with many gifts, such as singing, composing and dance abilities that has earned him the title of the greatest impersonator of all time.

As mention on, from his early childhood days, Cortes, a native of Spain, has never let his talents go to waste. As a young child he looked like Micheal Jackson, and he found himself at the center of attention. During his teenage years he had many requests to dress like Micheal Jackson and to perform his songs before live audiences, media outlets and for friends and family members. Cortes’ celebrity status at an early age was the beginning of his career as a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Cortes is not just a Micheal Jackson impersonator, however; rather, he is regarded by professional critics as the greatest impersonator of all times. His physical likeness to the King of Pop is unreal. Every aspect of his facial features, which include his charming eyes, perfectly shaped lips, strong jaw line and silky black hair will make anyone who passes him on the street do a double-take. In addition to having twin-like facial features as Jackson’s, Cortes also emanates a humble and gentle spirit.

Cortes has over 16,000 followers and likes on his Facebook page, and he has made numerous appearances on live television, which includes exclusive interviews and presentations. The magnetic energy from Cortes attracts fans from all over the world. When people meet Cortes or see him perform, they are so captivated by his persona that they scream, shout and applaud Cortes for his fascinating talents and abilities.

The success that Cortes has experienced is a combination of his natural born gifts and his hard work. He uses his fame and appeal to work as an ambassador for humanity and world peace, which is a much welcomed extension of the work that Micheal Jackson was doing as an ambassador to the world before his untimely death on June 25, 2009.

Anyone who has the privilege of seeing Cortes perform live or on television will be treated with a trip down memory lane as Cortes sings Jackson’s number one hits and more. Cortes has the ability to dazzle audiences with his hypnotic dance moves and his elaborate stage presentation along with his backup singers and dancers who make his shows entertaining and memorable. Cortes is a career professional that has earned the right to be labeled as the greatest entertainment impersonator of any generation.

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