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Beneful is Ahead of Its Time

April 28, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

As Americans become more interested in the quality behind the food products that they are choosing for themselves, they are also making those same healthy choices, according to an article published via Daily Herald. In fact, healthy food for dogs has quickly taken a larger share of the $23.7 billion pet-food industry claiming $10.5 billion of the market. While investors have not been as impressed with these new foods as consumers, many healthy dog food producers expect to make a profit in 2016.

Long before the trend started, in 2001, Purina started making Beneful dog food after testing it on their own dogs at their farm. One of the first premium healthy dog food that Beneful released was Beneful Healthy Harvest that uses soy as its top ingredient. Purina chose soy because it is a complete vegetable source protein and because it can often be eaten by dogs with allergies.
Shortly after releasing their Beneful Dry Dog Food (, the company released Beneful Prepared Meals. These meals available with many different meats and fish as the top ingredient make it very easy for owners to feed their dogs since the packaging doubles as a bowl. Little dogs love Treats IncrediBites for their smaller bite sized pieces.
Regardless of what Beneful product you choose on Amazon to feed at your house, your dogs are going to love the incredible taste of these products. Additionally, you will love the impact that they have on your dog’s health as they keep them playing strong for years to come. While other owners are wasting time buying more expensive fads, you can rest assured that this dog food has been completely tested. In fact, it meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for human consumption. Visit the offficial Beneful Channel here:

Various Benefits of Slyce Image Recognition Technology to Shoppers and Retailers

April 27, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Image recognition technology has gained popularity on particularly in the retail business. This is because it offers a lot of benefits for both the retail owners and the customer a business owner is targeting. More people are opting to do shopping using this method.

Image recognition technology

Image recognition technology is available as software mostly in form of apps that can be downloaded to mobile devices. This app enables a person to capture data that may include real images, bar codes and print form of an outfit. This technology processes the data and enables the person to get an exact product or a similar one to what they are looking for. A person can take photo of a product they like or search for a product from online platforms such as Pinterest and Google.

Benefits to Businesses

Retailers benefit from image recognition technology a lot. This technology makes a business run more efficiently since it is automatic and releases results immediately. It allows the transaction process to be performed faster. Image recognition technology has been found to increase customer retention rate. This is because this app allows for automatic feedback and an easy shopping experience. Businesses that have used it have reported increased sales.

Due to the accessibility of this software in mobile devices such as phones, a business can increase their market reach. Additionally, some app come with extra measures that file reports and even process insurance claims. It also lowers employees cost since it is automated.

Benefit to Shoppers

Image recognition technology makes the shopping experience of a person easy. This is because they are assured of getting the exact product they are looking for. Moreover, top developers create an app that enables the client to view the results almost immediately. It sends information about a product that a person is looking for.

Slyce Technology

There are a number of companies that develop image recognition technology. The leading company is Slyce. They have experts that deliver a holistic package.

Slyce visual technology is the best there is in the market. They have a Universal Scanner which allows for accurate image recognition. This Universal Scanner has an additional capability that enables it to handle barcodes, coupons, QR codes and real world images. This technology allows for recognition of 1D data such as barcodes, 2D images such as print material or billboard and 3D data such as an image of an outfit on a person. They have classified their solutions to Out of Store and In Store solutions for retailers and their customers respectively.

Why Investing in Gold is a Good Idea

April 26, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Financial markets around the world are in trouble. There are a lot of countries that are struggling with high debt loads and other issues. During financial hard times, gold is a great hedge against inflation and volatility. There are many people interested in investing in gold but do not know how. There are essentially two ways to invest in gold. Investors can purchase physical gold and they can also purchase gold stocks that track the price of the commodity. Anyone who is looking for a safe haven during bad economic times will be able to find it by investing in gold.

Why is Gold Safe?

Gold is safe because there is an intrinsic value to the metal. All of the currencies around the world are not backed by anything. This means that the value of the U.S. Money Reserve could go to zero overnight. This is an important point for people to understand as they look for ways to invest. As a person ages, it is important to invest in things that are safe from market volatility. In the event of a stock market crash, the price of gold would actually increase. Anyone who is looking for a safe haven during a rough economic period can find it with the price of gold. The good news for investors is that the price of gold is off of its multi-year highs. Now is a good time to invest in the precious metal.

US Money Reserve

There are a lot of companies that sell gold and gold products. As an investor, it is important to work with a company that values your business. Gold News Network reported that US Money Reserve is a gold company that has been in business for many years. Over the past couple of years, there are a lot of gold companies popping up all over the map.

According to Retail Menot, US Money Reserve is a great example of a company adding value to customers and growing because of it. With their great products and customer service, they are one of the best options when it comes to buying gold off of the open market. There are many people looking for ways to get back into investing, and buying gold is one of the best ways to do so. Always keep this in mind when you are trying to diversify your investment portfolio. There are few people who are truly protected against rough economic times, and you can get there by investing in gold.


Venezuela Changes Time to Save Money

April 18, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

More strange news are reported by CorporationWiki coming from Venezuela. This oil-rich country has been struck by low oil prices. Not only the oil drop is to blame, though. Economic mismanagement by former president Hugo Chavez is paying off now.

After extending weekends and freezing prices, Venezuela is changing time zone by moving clocks 30 minutes forward. Current president Maduro hopes this move will help save energy. The effect will take place on May 1st as The Independent, a British publication reports

Although Venezuela is rich in oil, much of its energy comes from a hydroelectric plant, Guri Dam. Now, due to severe drought, its production has dropped considerably. Why the country didn’t diversify from this source isn’t clearly known. Yet, this is another case showing why overreliance on oil is dangerous.

President Maduro’s administration is desperately looking to reduce energy consumption by at least 20%, a target that is likely to backfire on economic activity as well as regime’s popularity among the citizens, something that has already hit its lows.





Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

April 14, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Autism Rocks Charity welcomes two new trustees to the board. Pete and Will Best are brothers that joined the team to bring their education and expertise to the charity that was founded by Sanjay Shah in efforts to help raise awareness for autism. Many people aren’t familiar with autism and how it affects people. Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 to help those who suffer with the neurological condition. The donations that are received for Autism Rocks are donated to universities conduction research and to different areas that help with the condition. Cambridge University has a program that they have launched that Sanjay Shah has donated to that allow funds for the research programs to help find the cause of autism. They also have a program that helps families as well as patients cope with autism, as sometimes it can be very hard to understand.

Pete and Will Best will bring many years of experience to the board of trustees team as well as to the foundation of Autism Rocks. Shah has known them for many years as they have been friends back in his universities days. Pete will bring many years of experience in the financial market side of Autism Rocks. He has worked in the industry for a number of years and Shah feels he will be a great asset with his knowledge and expertise. Will exhibits many years of experience in the music industrial side, and will help arrange concerts and dedicate much of his time to setting up the concerts and arranging the artists performance time.

Autism Rocks is an invite only private concert that is dedicated to raising money for the condition. Shah has had first hand experience when his son was diagnosed at the young age of two. Since then he has wanted to do something for the cause, and that’s when he was urged to get back into the industry by Snoop Dogg. Since then he has made many successful attempts to build the charity into a positive and thriving foundation that has helped many people. He hopes that he can help produce a better understanding for the condition while helping others as well.

White Shark Media Tries To Solve Client Complains

April 7, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

It is a very difficult task to start an investment and build a strong emperor at the end of the day. People do not understand how things work when they are starting. Everyone thinks that this is just a normal business that will flourish in a short duration of time, without a lot of work. What they do not know is the fact that, for a company like Shark Media to do well, there must be a lot of communication between the management and the clients.

Clients pay an important role in a company. They should be taken care of and even listened to all the time so that their needs are met. Every complaint regardless of its nature must be looked into very closely because failure to do this would result in serious problems for the company. One customer who is not satisfied can discourage hundreds of people from contacting the company for their services, and this is why all customers should be managed well.

When the customer care takes care of a customer’s problem, they feel appreciated, loved, and after their needs are met, they come back for more services because they are sure that the product is custom made for them.

White Shark Media according to is a communication institution that is headquartered in the United States of America. Just like any other company, the company has had to deal with its share of problems from its customers. The communication industry is very competitive at the moment, and for a company to succeed, the customers must be listened to. White Shark Media started just like the rest of the other companies, making some mistakes that they made.

Unlike most companies, White Shark Media Complaints decided to accept the mistakes made, pay for them at every cost then learnt from them. The customers made several White Shark Media complaints that were quite serious, and they decided to work on them. The customers appreciated the efforts, and they have worked very hard to ensure that everything works well.

Starting a communication company like White Shark Media has never been easy for any investor. The institution has done everything to ensure that the customer complaints are as little as possible, and this has been successful. Today, the company is considered to be one of the best communication companies based on Bing Ads data: in the United States of America. Most clients say that they are satisfied by the services they are offered.





Securing your Financial Future with Precious Metals from US Money Reserve

April 1, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

You’ve probably heard before about the value of precious metals, but maybe you haven’t given the subject serious thought. As the US dollar continues to be negatively impacted by inflation, it is becoming ever clearer that the last currencies that truly hold long-term value are precious metals. An unstable global economic landscape on has convinced many investors and individuals to invest in gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullion.

This is where US Money Reserve comes into the equation. As one of the most trusted distributors of silver, gold, and platinum in the United States, they’re helping an increasing number of people switch from paper money to precious metal. Because there is a finite amount of previous metals on the planet, it is always valuable due to its scarcity. US Money Reserve is not created by or backed by any governments, which makes it inherently more valuable and stable than any fiat currencies.

During times of turmoil, global conflict and unrest, and domestic and international terrorism, the demand for gold sharply increases. With the emergence of new Islamic terror groups such as ISIS, unrest in Syria and throughout the Middle East, political uncertainty in the United States, rising tensions between the Russian Federation and the European Union, and the refugee crisis in Europe and Asia, many wise investors on look to include gold in their portfolios or switch all of their personal investments into paper currencies over to gold, silver, and other precious metals entirely.

Based out of Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve is a group of veterans in the precious metals industry who sought to combine world-class customer support with top-tier knowledge and experience in gold, silver, and platinum to give potential investors a serious edge. US Money Reserve provide US government-issued silver, gold, and platinum coins and bars of the highest quality to their customers.

US Money Reserve remains one of the foremost experts in the business of precious metals, and they provide sage advice to people looking to diversify their investments and take advantage of the ever rising value of gold, silver, and platinum. You can follow their Twitter, check their professional business profile at LinkedIn, or Like them on Facebook!

CCMP Capital Formation and Stephen Murray as CEO

March 24, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

CCMP Capital, a leading equity investment firm has over two decades been known by different names, due to the mergers and acquisitions that it has undertaken. In 1984 it was originally founded as Chemical venture partners, serving the private equity, and the venture capital branch of Chemical Bank. Chemical acquired Chase Manhattan Bank in the year 1996. This led to chemicals adoption of the chase name hence calling itself Chase Capital Partners.

Similarly, in 2000 JPMorgan &Co. was acquired resulting in the formation of JPMorgan Chase. Later the group yet again changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. This grew the firm’s platform due to the numerous integrations of the organizations in private equity. These organizations included Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Manufactures Hanover, The Beacon group, Robert Fleming & Co and J.P Morgan & Co.

Plans to spin out JP Morgan from JP Chase started in the year 2004 after One Equity Partners which was led by Dick Cashin was made JP Morgan Chases’ lead platform for private equity. The spin out was announced in March 2005 and was completed on July 31, 2006. At this point the acronym CCMP referring to the firm’s heritage organizations; Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, and JP Morgan Partners, was adopted. In the year 2014, CCMP fundraised for its most recent fund closing on around $3.4billion as commitments from investors for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Investors II.

CCMP Capital specializes in growth equity investments and buyouts in Europe and North America targeting four industries. The company is under the leadership of its exceptionally committed management team; that has significant industry expertise that leads to its efficiency.

Its operations as an independent firm started in August 2006 with its investment professionals managing JP Morgan Partner’s private equity portfolio. In 2007, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who had been with the company and its predecessors since 1989 succeeded Jeff Walker the group founder as CEO. He left CCMP in February 2015 due to health related reasons.

Stephen Murray, who graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree was also a philanthropist. He supported several foundations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank, Stamford Museum and also the Columbia Business School. He also served as vice chairman of Boston College Board of Trustees. He also sat on boards of major companies including General Power Systems, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, Legacy Hospital Partners and Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods.

Murray, a large investor, and a great deal maker spent most of his career in private equity. CCMPs great success has mainly been attributed to his positive contributions. In March 2016 Stephen Murray CMP Capital passed on at the age of 52 according to the Wall Street. He left behind Tami A. Murray his wife and four sons. His family lives in Stamford, Connecticut.

White Shark Media Improves Communication based on Review

March 23, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

One issue that is very important for businesses is communication. White Shark Media had to deal with this issue. Customers have complained about the issue with communication for a little bit. White Shark Media has taken this feedback to heart and have looked for ways to improve their communication. White Shark Media sees communication as every bit as important as providing good results. In fact, it is a large part of providing good results to their clients. So White Shark Media has looked for ways to improve their communication with their clients

One of the issues that clients had was that getting a hold of someone was a frustrating task. This often involved reaching a receptionist and giving them the name of their contact. Often times, the contact person was either not there or was busy. White Shark Media’s solution to the problem was to implement monthly status calls. In this case, the client and the SEM Strategist got together to look over the results of the campaign. White Shark Media has used GoToMeeting for making this possible. GoToMeeting is a conference tool the Internet. One of the features of this product is that people are able to share a screen.

Another thing that White Shark Media has put in was phone numbers with direct extensions so that the client can get in touch with his contact person directly. Communication is a very important part of business and White Shark Media has shown that it is a company that values communication every bit as much as it values getting work done. In fact, without communication, the company will not be aware of the needs of the client. White Shark Media is a company that is willing to grow based on the suggestions of its clients. Its care for its clients is what drives its success.
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How Madison Street Capital has Cemented its position at the top of the Wedge Fund Business

March 16, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Investment banking is one of the mainstays of the financial services sector. It is a complex business and any miscalculations could cause a firm to make losses amounting to millions of dollars. Recently, Madison Street Capital, a major player in the sector released its annual report for the year 2015. This document provides important highlights into the complexities of the industry and also predicts how the sector is likely to fair on in 2016.

The report also contains the M&A outline covering business activity and M&A opportunities. It states that in 2015, 42 hedge fund transactions were made. This number is 10 more than the 32 transactions reported during the previous year. Basing on AUM indices, transaction numbers in 2015 were 27% more than 2014. A tremendous increase in the number of deals in the last quarter of 2015 also helped boost the volumes. This has generated excitement and optimism that 2016 will see the sector post record turnovers.

2016 Forecasts

Experts are forecasting that in 2016, a record number of transactions will be made. This is because hedge fund assets are at a record high. Despite the fact that there was second-rate performance in most hedge fund strategies, managers are likely to contemplate alternate strategies, which will make them make many transactions. The trading environment in 2016 is also likely to be more promising. The sector will also keep experiencing alliances, and resourceful co-operations, which will link distribution to product offering. The article was initially posted on To read more about the report, click on this link:

About Madison Street Capital

The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Its set-ups are spread in North America, Asia and Africa. It is a globally known investment bank with strong commitment to reliability, distinction, leadership and service in providing fiscal advice to clients. It also offers services to public and private businesses. Services provided by the firm are corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisitions, valuation services and stockbroking. It has several departments including Corporate Advisory, Business Valuation, Financial Reporting and Asset Management, all working in harmony to achieve the firm’s goals.
The Corporate Advisory section deals in mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, bankruptcy and reorganization services, ESOP advisory and corporate governance. The Business Valuation Department is engaged in tax compliance and company valuation. The Asset Management section is concerned with M&A Advisory, portfolio valuation services, restructuring services and financial sponsor coverage. All these sections are designed to meet clients’ objectives through a steadfast commitment to the provision of high quality services. The firm has met the expectations of its clients during its existence and has constantly been recognized as leading provider of financial advisory services.


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