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June 30, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

The great news stays coming: In farmers’ markets all over the nation, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit redemptions -well known as food stamps, generated $18.8 million in the fiscal year of 2014- an approximately 6-fold rise since 2008 as per United States Department of Agricultural report. During the same time duration, the farmers market […]

Marc Sparks

June 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

When you think about a serial entrepreneur maybe you think about someone who is enthusiastic, dedicated and determined to see his or her ideas to fruition. Idea after idea and business after business, seeing your work become reality takes patience and persistence. No one embodies these qualities more than Marc Sparks, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist […]

Dine-And-Dashers Nabbed by the Power of Facebook

June 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Dine-and-Dash seems to be a time-honored tradition among a troubling subgroup of the population, but social media users don’t seem fond of the practice. A restaurant manager took to social media to inform other restaurants about the dine-and-dashers. The power of Facebook helped to apprehend a pair of brothers who were using the dine-and-dash method […]

Quantity over Quality

June 22, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

The Internet has made incredibly easy for individuals to raise money and awareness for their causes. Through websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, people can raise money from generous individuals from across the globe. The Huffington Post covered a story that would detail the best way to use tools and connections to raise as much money […]

Auto Title Lending Worst Than PayDay Loans

June 8, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Consumers finding themselves short on cash are being wooed by auto title lenders. Certainly not new, but now that lawmakers are putting the breaks on many payday loan lenders, auto title loans are flourishing. Short-term lenders allow you to borrow money by using your vehicle as collateral. Sounds easy and straightforward, but is any corner-store […]

Bill the Big Spender

June 4, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

William “Bill” Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are among the most philanthropic celebrities to have ever given money for the betterment of humankind. They are by far the most generous political individuals to hold a place in politics, for sure. Unfortunately for the couple, critics are putting the Clintons under heavy fire for their spending. […]

The Best Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich

June 3, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most respected plastic surgeon, locally, nationally and international. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the world’s most prestigious journal for plastic surgeons, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Rod also co-chairs the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposia. He is a great leader. He has led various plastic […]