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A Lip Balm for all Seasons

September 30, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Everyone knows, only a high-quality lip balm will produce the most natural looking lips. Made mainly from organic ingredients, the Evolution of Smooth product is 100% natural. Commonly referred to as EOS, this brand of lip balms are manufactured using at least 95% of organic ingredients. A mixture of over thirteen flavors, including coconut milk, […]

A Look at Investment Advisory Firms and their Relevance

September 29, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Investment advisory firms specialize in offering personalized and detailed financial planning services to high net worth individuals and small business owners. These firms focus on coming up with flexible financial strategies to keep up with the constantly changing financial markets. Their sole purpose is to offer dynamic investment solutions that boost the growth of clients’ […]

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: A Statesman Who Listens

September 28, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a full-time deputy senator of the state of Guarico. He takes his responsibility seriously and so he spends most of his time playing an active role in committees and meetings. He wants to see his constituents face to face. That is why Jose Manuel Gonzales is so well respected within Guarico. […]

Relmada Amends Lawsuit Against Laidlaw to $20 Million

September 16, 2016 // by VideoIPOtv

Early this year, clinical stage development company Relmada Therapeutics announced it had filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. in the state of Nevada. In accordance with this action, they also recently implemented an 8-k filing, increasing the damage amount to $20 million. The new filing amends the original papers to include breach […]