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Dine-And-Dashers Nabbed by the Power of Facebook

June 24, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

Dine-and-Dash seems to be a time-honored tradition among a troubling subgroup of the population, but social media users don’t seem fond of the practice. A restaurant manager took to social media to inform other restaurants about the dine-and-dashers. The power of Facebook helped to apprehend a pair of brothers who were using the dine-and-dash method […]

Netanyahu’s Hair Budget Raises Eyebrows

February 19, 2015 // by VideoIPOtv

The spending habits of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, are raising eyebrows. The Prime Minister’s budget came under scrutiny after a report was compiled by Israel’s state comptroller, Yosef Shapira. The comptroller was none too happy to discover Netanyahu was spending $24,000.00 monthly for take out, $42,000.00 monthly for hair and make up and another […]