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Funding From George Soros Helps Unseat Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio

January 11, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Though big races like Trump vs. Clinton have occupied the majority of airtime this year, smaller electoral races across the country prove to be equally important. In the state of Arizona, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s race is one that highlights prescient issues, and marks incredible involvement by some of the world’s chief economic authorities on Time .

George Soros has taken an interest in many regional elections. He has provided financial backing for groups that are active in unseating incumbents, as well as, helping to solidify the positions of certain politically-aligned compatriots.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not one of George Soros’s favorite incumbents, and has experienced an election cycle barrage that was boosted by the Soros financial machine. George Soros contributed nearly $2 million dollars to unseat Sheriff Arpaio, and the effort has been successful. Sgt. Paul Penzone successfully defeated Joe Arpaio in a heated race with the backing of one of the most influential financial figureheads in the world, George Soros.

Though George Soros takes a backseat to the everyday thrust of election year politics, his influence does not go unnoticed. His personal philosophy regarding social justice and immigration law on is known by many, and his financial contributions to political campaigns have incredible force. The state of Arizona is now experiencing the result of a powerful billionaire taking an interest in state politics having an effect on the entire country. The defeat of Sheriff Arpaio marks a significant point in immigration politics on the nationwide stage.

A $2 million contribution by George Soros to affect the Sheriff’s race in Maricopa, AZ not only influences the thrust of an issue like immigration on Politico, but speaks volumes about the role of contributors in political campaigns. This billionaire’s influence will affect the entire southwestern United States. His actions have a special place in the future of regional US politics and candidate action. See:

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