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How Adam Goldenberg Rose To The Top Of The Fashion Industry

April 22, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Adam Goldenberg got a very early start as an entrepreneur. While he was in high school at Parkway Central High in Chesterfield, Missouri he founded his first company, Gamer’s Alliance, Inc. This was a network of video gaming websites that covered both pc and console gaming. In 1999 he sold the company to Intermix Media and joined them as their Chief Operating Officer. While at Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg met another entrepreneur, Don Ressler, who would go on to become his business partners in a number of startups in the fashion industry.

The first fashion industry company that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded was Intelligent Beauty in 2006. They both served as the Co-Chief Executive Officers. This company served as a launching pad for products and services including personal care, fashion, and beauty. The company was data driven which informed how Adam has operated his businesses ever since. The next company they founded was and Adam Goldenberg is its Director. This is an online beauty website that sales over 500 brands of makeup products.

In 2010, Adam and Don launched their biggest success to date. JustFab was introduced as a website that sells fashionable clothing at affordable prices. It also features a membership model that encourages customers to visit the website on an at least monthly basis on When a user first purchases a product off their website they fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to establish the type of fashion that they find appealing so that products can be shown to them in the future that matches their tastes. The company has a number of subsidiary brands that operate under its umbrella including FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. It has also started building brick & mortar Fabletics stores around the country in order to further engage their members.

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Recently, Adam and Don renamed JustFab as TechStyle Fashion Group. They wanted the name to be more illustrative of the fact that it is a technology and fashion industries company according to When talking about this change, Adam Goldenberg said that over the years the company has transformed into a platform that is driven by personalization and data. He wanted a new name that instantly reflected what the company is all about.

Looking to the future, Adam Goldenberg is working on to keep the company nimble as it grows into an even larger business entity. He also wants to redefine customer service in this new era of online commerce.

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