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The Natural and Organic Flavored Lip Balms from EOS

March 27, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Dry lips can be an annoyance during the day. It isn’t a life threatening ailment by any means, but it can be tediously excruciating to feel your lips get drier and drier throughout the day. One of the gentle and natural methods is to use the Evolution of Smooth -or EOS as it is known by its shorter acronym- to hydrate your lips.

EOS Lip Flavors

EOS lip flavors has a variety of options. They sell organic, shimmer, active protection, and visibly soft types of lip balms to their consumers. Each of the lip balms come in round spheres. Some of the EOS lip balm flavors are also available in thin tubes like classic lip balm design.

Organic lip flavors come in vanilla, mint, strawberry, blueberry acai, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and honeydew. The flavors in the visibly soft category come in blackberry, coconut milk, and vanilla mint. The active protection have SPF 15. The ones with sun protection come in lemon and grapefruit. Shimmer EOS come in the option of either pearl or sheer pink.

Where You Can Buy EOS Lip Flavors

EOS is available from a variety of locations. You can pick up EOS from most drug stores and major retailers. It is also available on their official website and their seller profile on eBay and Amazon online. Also see,

EOS Facebook:


It’s Commitment To Excellence

March 25, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

The banking industry is one of the most exciting, popular, and profitable industries in the world. The stakes are very high especially when you’re dealing with millions and sometimes billions of dollars on a regular basis. Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? If you’re not from around the Dalls, Texas area then you probably haven’t, but just know that this is one of the most prominent community banks in the U.S. NexBank Capital is much more sophisticated than your average everyday community bank as it offers some of the most innovative services such as online banking, mobile banking, treasury management, credit services, agency services, mortgage services, warehouse lending, financial institutions, and numerous others.

NexBank Capital specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment lending, but it offers other critical services for institutional clients, real estate investors, corporations, middle market companies, and for other financial institutions. As of December 2016, this exclusive banking institution has a reported $4.6 Billion in assets. From the exact same time from in 2015, the bank has a 71% growth rate, which is unheard of for community banking institutions. This is “well capitalized status” personified. President and CEO John is providing great leadership, which has turned the banking institution into a powerhouse. NexBank’s ability to attract capital from a wide range of investors has kept the bank running on all cylinders. Just over the past 12 months alone, the bank has raised more than $200 Million equity and dept. This is sustainable growth that will help the institution stay competitive in the years to come.

The future is looking much brighter for NexBank Capital as well as the community banking industry. With more and more innovative technological advantages entering the picture, this industry will surely rise to the top and it will maintain it’s position for quite some time.


Equities First Holdings – Seeking Adequate Working Capital Is Health for Your Business

March 25, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Your business could be in the startup phase or even running smoothing and growing, but understanding your organization’s working capital is a basic piece of its general financial well-being. And keeping in mind that the measure of working capital and its ratio will unquestionably fluctuate from organization to organization (and significantly more so from industry to industry), it is a helpful instrument that determines the profits of your business and can be utilized to make informed and keen decisions for your business in all stages. Equities First Holdings has been offering working capital to various startup businesses for nearly 15 years with stock-based loans substituting the traditional bank loans. CLICK HERE to read Morningstar News for Equities First.

With low and fixed interests, the stock-based loans have greater loan- to-value proportion hence giving better option to conventional loans. Working capital (WC) is a critical metric for any business despite of their size being an indication of an organization’s working liquidity. Having adequate WC implies that the organization should have the capacity to pay entirely for its liabilities and short-term expenses. Big organizations focus on WC for an indistinguishable reason the same case with the small ones. Being a measure of liquidity, WC is a measure of company’s credit-value. Small businesses find it hard and tricky to borrow bank loans when the institutions evaluate their working capital. By not having adequate capital, they find it more expensive or even impossible, thus most of the startups fight challenges during their first phases of operations. Equities First Holdings has been an alternative source for such companies in addition to individuals who cannot secure conventional loans. Original Source .

For independent ventures and new businesses, not able to reach the financial markets for loan acquiring, WC come up with more desperate ramifications. New companies need to focus on their WC as it is the measure of cash needed to keep the business running until they start earning profits. Equities First provides an alternative loaning source for small business with small or no working capital and giving them a chance to grow.

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One Of The Best – Securus Technologies

March 24, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

A company like Securus Technologies is a leader in the industry because of the work that they do. They are experts at what they do, and they care about their customers. Since their customers, the correction facilities, needed a way to keep the peace in their units, they developed the Video Visitations.


The Video Visitations allow for the prisoners to have a way to visit with their loved ones on a regular basis via video. This is great because they can see and hear them, and it keeps the entire environment a lot calmer. It is something that the customers say is doing wonders in their facilities.


Securus Technologies promotes the awareness of public safety, and they are the leader in the industry. They work diligently to prevent and solve crimes on a regular basis. Every week, they are inventing new technologies that will help in the safety field. The government employs them on a regular basis to help with the prisoners in their facilities. They use techniques like videos, interviews, investigations and more to keep the peace in the area. In the future, they want the world to be a safer place, and they will succeed. The public will be waiting to see what they will do with their next inventions.



The Social and Political Influence of Andrea McWilliams

March 24, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Andrea McWilliams started her career in high gear as the chief of staff for a state representative in Texas and has not slowed down. After then spending some time in public relations at Public Strategies, Inc., she used her experience in the public and private spheres to co-found McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband. Together, they have earned a reputation, both in Texas and nationally, as leaders in the lobbying/consulting world. Andrea McWilliams expertly creates solid policies and platforms for her clients and advises politicians and business professionals in a variety of areas. For instance, in Texas, she helped craft a bill that provided 100 million dollars to lead the world in building an environmentally-friendly coal power plant that captures carbon, reducing air pollution. She also worked to successfully direct 3 billion dollars for a cancer research program in Texas.

She and her husband have influenced politics both locally in Texas and also on a national scale. Andrea McWilliams earned the reputation of a top fundraiser during President George W. Bush’s campaign. She also vocally supported Ted Cruz during his 2016 run for president and assisted with the campaign of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Her expertise and success has not gone unrecognized. Major media news outlets have hailed her as a leading lobbyist and political commentator on a national level, and Andrea McWilliams has won many awards and titles in Texas including Austin’s Fashion Week “Style Setter” and earned finalist status for the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce “Texas Businesswoman of the Year” award in 2016.

Andrea Williams uses her expertise and influence to support causes of personal significance to her. She has helped raise millions of dollars for breast cancer prevention and treatment and also works to preserve the historical architecture native to her hometown, Austin, Texas.



March 21, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Having a good job is the greatest dream of a majority of the people and Maggie Gill is no exception. She is the president and Chief executive officer of Memorial Health Center. She joined the organization in the year 2004 as the finance Manager and was promoted to the position of Chief Operating officer one year later. Six years down the line she was promoted to the position of the organization’s president due to her hard work and good leadership skills.

She has taken part in the leadership of the senior management personnel of the organization during her time as the president of the center. She is also involved in various sectors of leadership where she takes part in forums such as government relations, physician relations, internal audit and neuroscience and orthopedic programs. It is amazing how she manages to be all rounded in her work and can take up a number of roles due to her expertise.

Knowledge is power as demonstrated by Maggie Gill through her educational achievements and background. First, she was awarded a Ph.D. in behavioral Neuroscience from Kansas University. She later joined Medical University School of Carolina to conduct her postdoctoral fellowship program. Having attained this qualification, she joined the teaching field at North central college specializing in Neuroscience and psychology.

Her achievement in the health center and her career led to her nomination in the list of Becker’s review edition that recognizes those who have excelled in their work. It seeks to ensure that the efforts of people do not go unrewarded. The list was arrived at through a lot of discretion and nomination of the chief executive officers who have made an impact in the life of people in the community.

Under her leadership the team at Memorial center was awarded in the 16th Annual Health care awards. The main objective of these awards is to recognize the efforts of people whose careers are dedicated towards health improvement of people and the community. In addition to her career Maggie also enjoys spending time with her family. It is the most important thing to her besides her job.


Jose Borghi’s Breakthrough in the Brazilian Advertising Scene

March 18, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Jose Borghi is a talented Brazilian advertising genius. He is famous for creating customized and unforgettable campaigns to suit brands of clients. Borghi developed an interest in this line of work when he visited his sister in Cannes to watch an awarding ceremony for remarkable advertisements. He was amazed by the award-winning ads and, therefore, he decided to venture into advertising. Borghi enrolled at PUC-Campinas and majored in advertising. Upon completion of his studies, he got his first job as an editor at Standard Ogilvy.

Borghi’s career path

Throughout his career, Borghi worked for various firms and made a name for himself in the advertising industry. During his tenure at Talent & Leo Burnett, he was able to interact with business veterans like Erh Ray, who he later collaborated with to start the BorghiErh Company. As a new startup, BorghiErh Company had limited access to working capital, but Borghi and Erh resilience enabled this organization to get more clients and investors. In the 2016 financial year, Lowe, an advertising firm, saw the potential of BorghiErh and decided to collaborate with it. The outcome of the partnership deal was BorghiErh Lowe. The governing council of the newly formed firm appointed Borghi as the co-president.

Under his management, BorghiErh Lowe earned a spot as one of the well-performing ad business in Brazil. This company recently merged with the Mullen agency. This partnership enabled the agency to acquire more clients both locally and internationally. Borghi serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Andre Gomes secured the co-CEO position. He is responsible for day-to-day management issues of the agency. Throughout his career, Borghi has received various awards and accreditations from several companies. Borghi addresses business and advertising matters during his public speeches at internationally recognized summits. He also mentors young individuals, aiming at excelling as ad executives. for more.

Stephen Rotella; An Astute Leader In Strategic And Operational Development

March 10, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Stephen Rotella serves as the president of StoneCastle Partners, and the Chief Executive Officer of StoneCastle Cash Management.


In this level, he is accountable for the entire development and strategic management of the company.


Steve as he is commonly known, graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He further attained his Master’s in Business Administration in Finance and Information Systems. Stephen is currently based in New York.


Career Background


Stephen Rotella boasts of more than 30 years’ experience in strategic and operational leadership in banking and a full range of financial services.


He started off his career in the retail, mutual fund, brokerage, and systems consulting industries. From these sectors, he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in Internet marketing, organization development, retail, product motivation and management operations on a large-scale basis.


Stephen worked at Chase Home Finance for 18 years. He held several senior positions that profoundly influenced the success of the company during his tenure.


After leaving Chase Home Finance, Steve joined Washington Mutual as the President and Chief Executive Officer. He worked here for three years before moving to StoneCastle Management and assuming the role of CEO.


Stephen Rotella began working for StoneCastle Partners LLC as President in 2014.


Intermedium Sweep Acquisition


StoneCastle Cash Management purchased Intermedium Sweep Business. This move strengthened the company’s position as the leading insured deposit providers.

Stephen Rotella’s statement about the acquisition was positive. He stated that this addition would enable StoneCastle to be useful in applying solutions to a wide range of brokering firms and financial institutions.


They would further be able to assist these firms and institutions that might be facing challenges in providing value to their clients, to grow in assets and profitability.


Role in the Community


Steve is an active philanthropist who has served on several boards.

As a strong believer of promoting arts, he has been a member of the boards of Youthcare, The Seattle Foundation, ArtsFund, and BalletMet.


Stephen Rotella was recently elected board chairman for LIFT. LIFT is an organization that seeks to alleviate the poverty cycle in the US. Steve’s outstanding performance as the chair of the development committee made him the right man for the job. The rest of the members praise his leadership and his strategic mind.


After his election, Steve stated that the fact that he will be in a position to make a difference gives him the complete honor to serve as chair.


Coupled with his wise counsel and commitment, Stephen Rotella continues to inspire people in his industry and community to make changes that will ultimately lead to a better life.


The strides that Andrea McWilliams is taking towards success as an activist

March 4, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most popular names in the politics of Texas State. She has been an activist and a campaigner for the political causes that she believes in. She has been raising funds to help the causes that she believes in and has become a very experienced strategist. One of the personality traits that she possesses which have helped a lot when it comes to her campaigns is that she has very fine persuasion skills. In addition to that, she is very crafty. This has helped her become a favorite among the main players in Texan and national politics. Anyone who engages her experiences her intelligence.

Many news outlets have been featuring her and the work that she does. These include The Wall Street Journal, CBS, Fox News and many others. The Texas Women Chamber of Commerce recognized her for the role that she has been playing in helping the big and mighty in politics. At the tender age of 21, she has already started her own company. This is the company that she has been using as a platform to offer consultancy to people on government affairs. She founded the company with the help of her husband and named it MCWilliams. The company is recognized and respected both in Texas and the rest of the country.

Growing up

Andrea was born in Texas and raised On Congress Avenue. She has been residing in the town together with her husband and three children. In addition to her activism, she has been a part of other philanthropic causes including Austin Children in Crisis and HeartGift among others. The success that she has experienced at such a young age, together with her intelligence, excellent interpersonal skill and drive to succeed are evidence that she will make it big in the world of activism and politics.


Goettl: Committed to Customers and the Community

March 3, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

A family in Las Vegas received a much-appreciated gift from Goettl, a heating and air conditioning service with branches in Nevada and Arizona. The family in question had gone for over a decade without properly functioning heating and air conditioning units in the home. In addition, they did not even have a properly working toilet.

When Goettl heard of the situation, the company stepped in. Goettl donated new heating and air conditioning units, together with a toilet. In no small way, the home life of this family was dramatically changed because of the generosity of Goettl during the holiday season.

Prior to the installation of the new units, the family experienced monthly electric bills topping $600. Goettl notes that this cost is certain to drop thanks to the new equipment. The reality was that before the new installation, the family experienced these high bills even thought they weren’t really able to effectively utilize either their heating or air conditioning units.

Goettl is regarded as a true HVAC industry leader. The firm provides an array of HVAC services, including installation, repair, service and maintenance, and replacement. The company provides its full spectrum of services to residential and commercial property owners alike.

Goettl was founded in 1926 by a pair of brothers. The company initially opened for business in Ohio, with the brothers ultimately moving their operations to the booming state of Arizona. The company has maintained a presence in Arizona ever since, in addition to opening up a location in Nevada, which serves the greater Las Vegas area.

Goettl remains a family business. The firm is not operated by grandchildren of the original founders of Goettl. As a family business, Goettl is not only dedicated to providing outstanding customer service but is highly committed to the communities in which the company does business. n