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Securus Technology stops crime in its tracks, keeping officers safe

January 30, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Prison telephony giant Securus Technologies has gained a reputation as being the foremost provider of cutting-edge communication solutions to prisons throughout the United States. But one of the more interesting aspects of its business is its lineup of intelligence products straight out of a high-budget action movie. Taking systems first developed by the Department of Defense for fighting the baddest bad guys places like Afghanistan and Iraq could produce, Securus has found ways to implement new means of defending prisons from the potentially lethal threat of organized crime. Today, prison guards working in facilities with Securus’ full suite of intelligence and tactical products work in an environment that often times more resembles Casino Royale than Cool Hand Luke.



Send in the STINGRAY


The single largest problem prisons face is the threat of organized criminal gangs operating within its walls. Throughout the history of the U.S. penal system, organized crime perpetrated by military-like gangs has been the single largest cause of intramural death and mayhem, including many riots and hundreds of officers being brutally murdered. Today, prison guard still ranks on lists of the most dangerous jobs. However, that is all changing with new technologies.


In times past, contraband cell phones have been one of the biggest security threats to institutions because they allow for unfettered illicit communication. Gang leaders, or shot callers, use illegal phones to transact drug deals and even order hits on the outside. Prison guards and their families have been killed, the orders given on illegal cell phones.


Securus deploys its STINGRAY technology, straight from the urban war zones of Iraq, to detect all illegal cell phones and intercept conversations. Stingray has been used to solve murders and conversations have been used as evidence in many court cases. These types of advanced technologies are making prisons many times safer for both inmates and staff.

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