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Tammy Mazzocco Understands Your Real Estate Goals And Can Help You Find A Home That Suits You

April 28, 2017 // by VideoIPOtv

Tammy Mazzocco acclaimed in the real estate sector. Tammy started his journey in real estate as a secretary to the Edwards Realtors, a firm that focuses on developing real estate solutions. At Edward’s, Tammy had the opportunity of working with close to a dozen agents under the stewardship of Mike Zelnik.

In the year 1995, Tammy Mazzocco got his license as a real estate agent after she had worked at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. Ken Crook the, the proprietor of Cook Realty and the serving GM of the Scotland Yard Condominiums, played a pivotal role in molding and encouraging Tammy to become area estate agent of her own.

In the dawn of the year 1998, Tammy Mazzocco began his quest in becoming one of the real estate industry’s greatest. She achieved the status of licensed personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a distinguished RE/MAX producer stationed at Victorian Village in the heart of Columbus. Her experience with Joe which included the role of overseeing the everyday operations of the real estate agent prompted her to make a resolve to delve into the properties sector fully. Tammy now retails in residential properties in places such as Franklin, Licking, and Delaware. Click Here for full article .

As a licensed real estate agent, Tammy Mazzocco specializes in providing clients with the best property solutions and services. She approaches customers with her client-centric approach. The residential properties she recommends to her clients take into consideration the goals of the customer. With step by step guidance to newcomers who want to own residential property, Tammy Mazzocco can achieve immeasurable customer satisfaction. Tammy at Twitter.

As always Tammy understands that one of the most important factors that are taken into consideration before one decides to purchase a residential property is its location. With her full knowledge on properties in Central Ohio, she stands a better chance of enabling you to acquire a home that suits you. for more .

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